Wednesday, February 19, 2014

let it be known

This is the highest level of disrespect that I have ever encountered. For someone to be so malicious with removing, touching or altering my Dads clothes is beyond comprehension. To my knowledge I have not done anything to this family to warrant such a blatant act of disrespect and immaturity. I will no longer hold my tongue and I will no longer allow myself to be victimized by both of them. From this point on I will not have anymore contact, nor do I want to hear any updates, from that family. I am so livid that someone that I considered family would hurt me in such a profound way ~ knowing all the while that this was an intended act of hatered.  I feel that my brother NOT stopping this whole four year debacle is as just to much as blame as his narcissistic wife. From this day on I wish to have NO contact, of any kind, with either one of them.  If you can’t accept this please delete yourself from my life ~ social media & otherwise.

In June 2007 my Dad passed away & I took ALL his clothes back to Oklahoma with me with plans of making a quilt for my whole family. My whole life changed in 2010 and I ended up moving to Cali ~ after getting the blessing from my brother his wife . In Oct 2010 my sister in law took me to Oklahoma to me get my car, dogs and belongings. Once we were in Oklahoma we agreed to rent a Uhaul to take more then I initially planned & to empty her existing storage unit. We stayed up most of the night packing & filling half the Uhaul with my stuff that I took my from life in OK. We agreed that we would divide the things once in California ~ I would take what I wanted, she would get what she wanted and we would have a garage sale to sell the difference. The next morning we loaded up both vehicles with our stuff and my dogs and headed to her families home in Miami, Oklahoma I also agreed that she could take my chocolate lab, Mercedes, with her for protection. 
In Nov 2010 I got a phone call while in Texas that she wasn’t able to bring Mercedes with her. Knowing I didn’t have a way to get to Oklahoma she gave my dog to her sister ~ promising that she would be taken care of. Once we were in Miami, Oklahoma  everything changed I ended up leaving to California by myself with Grizzly ~ in the expectation that she would be following behind me in a couple of days. My sister in law ended up coming to California in Dec 2010 without Uhaul. 
Later in Dec I would move out of my brother & sister in laws home to take care of a Condo while a mutual friend was on deployment. I would later learn that it was said that I stole a pack of cigerattes and $20 from her purse (among other things) & that is why I was ‘kicked’ out.  The escapade didn’t stop there. After hearing from mutual acquantinces that I was cheating on my boyfriend with the guy who owned the condo I cut my ties with my brother & sil.
In April of 2011 I would come to need my brothers military assistance and have to bring them back into my life. I ended up deciding in May 2011 that I would go & stay in Texas for the remainder of Ben’s deployment. I handed over keys to the Condo so that they could check the mail and keep an eye on the Condo. 
Some time in the summer of 2011 my sister in law went back to Oklahoma while I was in Texas. She put together a garage sale ~ selling a majority of my belongings without my permission. The money made from the sale was said to be handed to me but instead was used for her to make it back to California. I never recieved a dime of that money but just promises that the important stuff had been saved. Upon returning to the Condo in September 2011 I realized that they had stolen from me again. Rearragnging the condo, stealing a brand new stereo and vaccum cleaner. I would also later learn that she went through another Sailors belonging that were in the Condo ~ among the items taken were a bed spread, sheets, clothes and jewelry. It would later be said that I was the one who stole these items and my sister in law had talked the Sailor into sending a friends to do a ‘sweep’ of my closet and Condo for proof of her belongings. Those belongings that I was said to have stolen where in her house the whole time & those sailors clothes were being worn by her daughter. 
I cut ties with them again debating on the relationship that I wanted to have with my brother but in fear of his wife antics. I tried building a relationship with the both of them and I put all my hesitiations on a back burner. Believing that I could find a way to be a part of the family I had been astranged from for so long. 
In early 2012 she would tell me that my biological family, that I had met in 2010, didn’t believe that I was the long lost sister. That they believed I was lying about my origins & intentions towards the family. That the ‘story’ that I share about my past wouldn’t equal up to the ‘truth’ the family had shared with her. She would go on to say that my own biological mother didn’t believe that I was the girl she gave birth too. Because my ‘sil didn’t believe that I in fact my brothers sister she requested that I have a DNA test done with my older brother, sister and brother. She would go on to say that until the DNA test proved that I was in fact a sibling I wasn’t a sibling at all. 
In late 2012 they would move to Washington relieving me from all stress and banter that had been caused. I would go on to try to build up a relationship with my brother and exclude her. 
In June 2013 I was told that the storage unit in Oklahoma had been brought to Washington and that my stuff was with them.  
In Nov 2013 my brother asked what I wanted for my birthday & I asked him to have at least my Dads shirts back. Feb 14th, 2014 I received an insulated bag containing half of my Dads clothing, none of the partially finished blankets that I had started and a mixture of other people clothing thrown in. I would also come to find a stack of my Dads shirts with needles driven down the center. 

I have allowed myself to be blinded and manipulated for a long time in hopes to gain a relationship with my brother. I've accepted that my sister in law & I will never be able to get along. I've endlessly made reasons and excuses stating that my brother couldn't knowingly go along with her behavior. After this past weekend I can no longer exclude him from any responsibility.
At any one time he could have stood up and stopped this. He could have worked with me to get my stuff, he could have given me the money that was made on selling my stuff and he could have told this crazy lady to STOP attacking me... but he didn't.

I'm done. Officially and forever done.


  1. What a vile creature your sil is. I'm sorry you've had to deal with that but it's best for you to avoid that negative crazy

  2. Personally, I hope a bus hits her. She's just disgusting, that's all there is to it. You'd think someone of her age would get over all of this and grow up.

  3. That is so full of lies and BS, it is not even funny! I am an unbyas, impartial third party and I know for a fact that nothing here is true. Sounds like you are just trying to get attention and turn the world against someone who has done nothing wrong but stand her own ground and do the right thing. To attack an innocent person is cowardice, immature, and horrid!!!! You are the one who is wrong and just too stupid to admit it. Oh well, though. Immature children get their own dose of reality eventually and maybe then you will think twice before attacking an innocent, beautiful human being.

    1. You claim you know for a FACT that this isn't true - so I am guessing that you were next to us the WHOLE four years right? I'm guessing that you were involved every step and can swear that nothing here is falsified? hmm. There are no unbyas impartial third parties in this situation ~ so unless you are just trying to create more drama and more just as 'childish' yourself stay off MY blog.
      I have shared the truth numerous times and everyone takes her side.. poor poor sister in law. Just blind the world to all the evil and currupt that she causes in all the lives she has touched in my biological family.. ALONE. None the less I have other sources in the San Diego area that can vouch and backup all the claims that I have stated. Aside from my husband who has been with me or next to me the whole four years minus his deployment on which he was updated..
      So unless you do not want to stay anonymous and take this up with me .. stay out of my business and off my blog.
      I don't need blind cheerleaders on my side.


    1. First of all ~ you are blaming this WHOLE thing on my brother?! Seriously? So calling me out on a very personal matter is the way you chose to handle this. WOW.. too bad I have more class then you because I'd love to call you out on that topic too. Second if you were with me the whole four years then you would know the timeline of events. Third of all you can't DEMAND a relationship from someone. You have a choice to either respond or not. I made a CHOICE to forgive me brother and move on. I'm not sure how that is so hard to comprehend.