Thursday, February 6, 2014

my next tattoo..

Dear Lovelies;

This morning I am changing the topic from my upcoming pregnancy test to Tattoo's! Our house has been buzzing about way to spend our tax return(s) and we have all agreed to get some ink done. Of course my tattoo is pending on a pee test but trust me I've already got some idea's lined up!

I want a neck tattoo.. something that is right under my hair line. That you will be able to see when I have my hair up (which is 90% of the time) or I can hide with it down. I have been searching through pinterest like crazy for some good ideas and I have narrowed my choices down to these three.

1. This design is one of my favorites! I love the anchor with the flowers wrapped around it. It's beautiful and has a ton of representation in my life. Plus I think if I colored one or all of the flowers in it might make it stand out a little more. I love this tattoo.. 

{shared from my pinterest board 'tattoos':

2. This design I feel is more me.. but I also feel like more people have this exact design. I love the whole infinity loop with the anchor and flowers! I mean I want all three of these things but again I also feel like I would walk down to the beach and see three or four other people with this tattoo. {shared from my pinterest board     'tattoo's: }

3. I like this tatttoo idea because it still have the anchor and in a way still have the infinity loop.. but in a heart shape. I think If I got this tattoo I would add some of the flowers to this to make it my own. I'm also not sure that I would add color at all .. but these are my three choices for a awesome neck tattoo!!
{shared from my pinterest board 'tattoo's: }

I'm not leaning towards and one. I think I'll just decided one I see them drawn out and then decide. Feel free to cast your vote or grab one of my ideas for yourself. I think these are all cute and would be awesome placed anywhere. 


  1. You want a tattoo that is your own, not one that everyone has or is up on the wall. Take what you love out of the three and combine them into your own unique piece.

    1. That is a very good idea. All three have a couple of basic similarities already.. Thanks! <3, Amy

  2. Amy Hun be careful when getting small writing close together. 20 years from now it will just be a black blob. Most tattoo artist won't tell you this. But mine did. As well hubby is full of them & said the same thing. I think the first is really cute. Just watch the lettering.