Tuesday, February 11, 2014

true love

Dear Lovelies;

People say that true love is between a man and a women. They say that you know true love when you heart races, your palms sweat and you can't speak properly. When you go weak in the knees by staring in their eyes, when you can't stop checking your phone to see if they called or texted you... yea that's awesome but that is not the 'true love' I'm talking about.
In my opinion true love is that feeling that engulfs you when you hear your baby cry for the first time. It's that wave of emotion that takes over when you hear their heartbeat for the first time. The truest love; in my opinion; is the love a parent has for their child. As you all may know I don't have children but I couldn't imagine a stronger bond then a love for a child.

I have witnessed my friends through all stages of pregnancy and through the birth of their children. I have witnessed the following first couple of years in their lives. I have witnessed how much a couple changes once that little miracle is placed in their lives. I can't wait to have the type of true love in my life and I can't begin to explain how I love the change I have seen through my friends who have been blessed with a child. 

People have asked me how I can even comprehend being a parent. I have been told that it changes your life. I have been told to enjoy 'my freedom now' and I have been told "you'll understand when you become a parent". All of which I find rude and disrespectful.. I may not have a child in my arms but I am very aware of the amazing love, changes and stress a child can bring into your life. I've very aware of the sleepless nights, diaper changes, 2 am feedings and mounds of laundry. I'm just not sure how someone can't stand back and watch a new mother look at their child and not see 'true love'.  

To all your Mother's out there in this world you already have the best Valentine and gift in the world. Your child.

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