Monday, March 3, 2014

and squat

My normal routine is that I head to the gym 5 day a week.
Since my last fertility treatment in Jan ~ I haven't been able to go. Actually I just wasn't able to go during the actual treatment and that ended over a month ago. I have been hesitant on going back to the gym this round just because by the time I start to see real results I have to stop. I thought that I would take these next three months off and just hold out for April.

Once a gym rat.. always a gym rat I guess because I am starting back today. I know that at the end of every treatment I gain at least ten pounds, and if I don't at least drop 20 before then I'll be miserable.
As hesitant as I have been to start back ~ it helps me relieve stress and relax. I haven't been getting away from the house a lot since our roomie's got here. I need my time.

Starting my day back with some cardio and jumping into leg day! What did you do at the gym today??

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