Friday, March 28, 2014

and then I watched

Since I have been attempting to sit around and prop my knee up - like I should I have come to love a few shows. Oh and catch up on some movies.

1. I went to see Divergent. Now to those who have asked me what I think I'll say this. I'm a huge book to movie critique. To the point that my husband was not going to watch it with me. Poor Mrs A went and was furious at my hubby for not for warning her. I felt like the lady in the Geico commercial "that's not how this works - that's not how any of this works". I think it's a great movie but it's not completely true to the book - but what movie is that is based off a book? My advice is to see the movie then read the book.

2. I have fallen in love with the USA networks new TV show "Chrisley knows best". Below is a short clip from Season 1 - Eps 3 "Savannah's Runway Show".

It's a Georgia twist to the Kardashian's but better. The show basically is about a over protective Dad and his five kids. While he has made his fortune in real estate; he is starting his own family fashion line. They spend a whopping $30,000 on clothes, alone, a year. I love the show because he is over protective and because they have true 'Southern' morals. He buys his kids cars at 16 but all of them have tracking devices and he keeps records of all text messages per phone. He has to inspect all his kids clothing, especially his 16 year old, before they can leave the house. He is frank, brutally honest, and has a lot of rules. He says the most hysterical things when it comes to describing teenagers. Ya gotta watch at least one episode.

 3. Frozen. I mean isn't Kristen Bell just adorable?? I had to watch it two or three times to really grasp the whole movie. Olaf wasn't as funny as I heard but he is cute. I think my favorite character has to be the reindeer. Anyway - the music is addictive, the story line is cute and the fact that she uses her 'act of true love' towards her sister.. amazing! If you haven't seen this movie - you should.
Here is my favorite song & part of the movie - "Let it Go" sang by Idina Menzel'

4. {last one} Saving Mr Banks.
This movie made me cry. I mean it was incredible. The back story to creating "Mary Poppins". It's very slow at first. It's about the writer of "Mary Poppins" {P. L. Travers} struggling to give Mr. Disney {Tom Hanks} the rights to make the movie. It's very moving and her flash backs of her childhood & father {Colin Farrell}. The emotion of her letting it go and allowing her story to be shared - beautiful. I think my favorite part was her letting her guard down and opening up to her driver in LA. Beautiful.

Those are my picks right now. I'm sure there are more of them to come.


  1. Thanks for the recs. loved Divergent but havent seen the others. I'll have to check them out.

    1. No problem. Saving Mr Banks in a really good flick IMO. Glad that you liked Divergent! What book series are you reading now?

  2. I am so glad that I wasn't the only one who thought that Divergent the movie didn't compare to the book--I mean it was a good movie but I just love the book too much! Now I want to see Saving Mr Banks even more!

    1. Elizabeth,
      I agree 100% with you. Although I loved the character who played Tibas and loved to see some of the other things come to life. I think this is a movie you should see THEN read the book series.
      Yes! Saving Mr Banks was an amazing flick IMO!