Friday, March 14, 2014

deployment talk

If you haven't been able to read between the lines.. I have a lot going on right now. Emotionally. On top of all the emotional stuff we are busy joining two families under one roof. It's been a crazy couple of months and a ton of adjustments. Just as we start to really pull the reigns in and get both our households situated.. we get thrown a curve ball.
We have two military men in our home, soon we will have three, so our lives change on a regular - which is normal. We have one roomie who will be returning from a deployment and one about to leave. It's crazy. The command that J is at just told them that they will be transferring the ships home location from San Diego to Japan. Yes, Japan.  While they figure out all the information concerning family matters we are just in shock. I mean.. we knew it was coming but this is way faster then anyone expected.
While talking about J's ship schedules my hubby also informs us that he will be picking orders in three short months! I can't believe that his shore duty is almost over. I am wrapping my head around the fact that next year my husband will be going back out to sea also. It's strange to 'know' it's coming and then get so shocked when the time has arrived.
Hopefully we can get completely situated before both our husbands are gone on deployments. I'm praying that we can just focus on the 'need' to do's while they are hear to help manage the flow. It's stressful enough with the collaboration already but I guess, again, we all knew it was coming.
Even though we don't have kids and J does.. it bring a whole new awareness to the table. I have never thought about how families explain to children that their father is going to deploy. I've never thought about a child's reaction to it either. I've also never witnessed a wife slowly allow the information to sink in that her husband could be gone for two years. My survival technique is to have two main focuses while he is away. I've never considered how a spouse and kids deal with the news.
I have to keep saying that no matter how prepared and how aware you are that it's coming - you are never as prepared as you thought.

How do you deal with deployments and kids? What are some of your survival techniques with a deployment.. kids or just a spouse? Anyone else about to face a deployment too?

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