Tuesday, March 25, 2014

human porcupine

So in my fertility quest I have turned to a world wide Chinese method - Acupuncture. A friend referred me to this amazing Acupuncturist here in San Diego. Looking through the website I became completely overwhelmed at all the different options and packages. I have never done or thought about venturing into acupuncture before & this was all very .. well.. overwhelming. My friend told me how personable the owner was so I sent her an email for more information. We exchanged e-mails with questions and answers from the both of us for a couple of weeks. Then I got a 'free' phone consultation.

Ok.. ok.. So let me backup a little.

Our RE {Fertility Dr} recently told my husband & I that this was our last year in the fertility trials.
Posted here: Reality. After our four IUI's {artificial insemination's}had been used we would have to decide on moving towards IVF. While that word still makes my mind shatter, I had to become realistic and swirl the idea around in my head. IVF. wow. Those three letter together are BIG. My RE also mentioned that IVF was more successful when coupled with acupuncture treatments. {But TriCare see's acupuncture as 'experimental' and it's not covered}. If I'm going to agree to IVF then I want an 'all or nothing' treatment. So I started researching IVF & Acupuncture both separate and together. I contacted friends who have experienced both and listened to their stories.

While emailing back n forth with the acupuncturist she posed a question.. Why wait until IVF to try out the acupuncture? Isn't the overall goal to achieve a pregnancy PRIOR to IVF?  Why didn't I think of this? I mean coupling the acupuncture with an IUI could be game changing.. so why not? During my phone consultation we set up a POA {Plan of Action} and got started. I have now completed TWO sessions with this acupuncturist. The first visit was an overall health scan and the second narrowed down to the fertility portion. After leaving both times I ask myself "Why have I never done this before?!" The experience is amazing!! The relaxation after the sessions are like nothing I've ever experienced. I mean this tops massages, pedicures, beach days.. it's all rolled in one.

While I'm not stating or claiming that this will be the answer to our fertility whoa's - it is a high bonus. I am a anxious person by nature and being able to go and leave feeling calm, peaceful, and energized is amazing. Coupled with my therapy sessions this has been a HUGE success. I feel more relaxed for days after an acupuncture session  and that's all that matters.

I'm glad I made the choice to not wait for IVF or to wait for my next round of treatments to start. While the out of pocket expense wasn't as bad as we thought, it's still a good chunk of change. Overall I'm glad I made the choice to try it and hopefully this will give us great progress in the fertility direction.

Have any of you tried acupuncture? Anyone have success with pain, pregnancy or stress relief with acupuncture??

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