Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mrs. Cranky pants.

I'm sure that the majority of you know by now that I tore my meniscus. Although I'm still not sure how, I know it's been going on for a while. The last thing I need right now is to be incapacitated due to a injury of any kind. So you can only imagine my frustration to be couch / bed ridden until told otherwise.
if you know me at all then you know that is close to impossible orders for me. I'm sure you can also gather that I'm told at least ten times an hour day to either lay back down, sit down.. etc. It's just too hard.
"Don't you want your knee to get better?"
Yes, yes I do. That doesn't mean that I can put aside that the floors need to be mopped, the cat box needs to be cleaned out, the dishwasher needs to be emptied. Not to mention laundry needs to be done, bathrooms need to cleaned and the bedroom needs to be vacuumed.
"Don't your have roommates to help you?"
Yes, but in all fairness they have other things to do then cater to me. I mean right now Mrs. A has two sick kids that are home and she is also battling a cold. She offers to help me and does but I feel powerless and helpless a midst all the chaos around me.
And before you ask my husband also helps me when he is home. He is working & taking college classes on base - so he also has a full plate.

I'm cranky. I want to do what I am usually doing. I want to move around and get the stuff done that I normally do. I find it so hard to just to sit around and watch the day float by. I need to find a way to invest my time in something other then flipping through channels on the TV. I am admitting that I am very cranky, in lots of pain and very annoyed that I can't do what I need to get done.

All things shall pass. I'm sure I'll look back on this post someday, hopefully soon, and long for those days I get to just lounge around.  

*Anyone else have a injury that kept you in bed? What were somethings you invested in to keep you busy? What are some suggestions on keeping up with the chores that aren't getting done??

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