Tuesday, March 4, 2014

the ultimate concert

This past weekend a friend of ours asked us if we had bought our tickets for the annual 'Stagecoach' event. Although Dierks Bentley will not be attending this year, we still wanted to go! I think our motto for this year is to enjoy as much as we can before he goes back to sea next year. We partnered up with our friend and split a hotel room ~ after buying our tickets!

The deal with the event is that it starts at 11am and goes until 1am. Once you enter the gates you aren't allowed to leave or you are done for the day. The smaller bands open up and then the headliners rock the stage at night. It gets HOT and crowded. You can walk around the whole park shop, grab some beers and food! Although you cant' bring coolers into the facility ~ I'm excited to throw down a blanket and enjoy our weekend! I'm also really happy that we found a hotel that has a pool, that way we can take a late night swim and cool down before we go to bed.

Here is our amazing lineup for the weekend in April! I can't wait to share pics and stuff about this weekend afterwards!

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