Monday, March 10, 2014

this week's plans

I'm sharing the plans for this week because it opens up future blog posts.
Lately I have been dealing with a ton of different things & my emotions are all over the place. I know I'm battling myself more then anything else. It's not because of anyone ~ it is just a change that I'm dealing with. Among all the crazy stuff there have been good things to share.

Even though i planed on going to the gym last week; it didn't happen. I posted about getting back in the gym with my post 'and squat' and just want to say that I didn't end up going. We decided to join the YMCA ~ so this week, sometime, we will become members. It's a lot closer to home and the room mates kids schools ~ it will also allow us to take their kiddo's to the pool, and other stuff, when we want.

 I also found a new salon to take care of my hair disaster. This coming Friday I'll take a chance with another salon. I already had a consultation so that I could have an idea of what she is doing and what can be done. Right now since I have a variety of different colors we can't just put ONE single color. The stylist, Angela, said that blonde colored hair absorbs other colors so it's a mix of different colors. I can take a chance with chunky 'caramel' highlights or dye it blonde and then slowly add in the darker color. I haven't decided which way to go at this point but I have a couple of days left to decide.

I have put a lot into the house this week. We bought chairs for the front of the house ~ red & blue ~ which I love. I bought more seashell stuff for the living room at Micheal's last week ~ hopefully I will have pictures to share later this week. We don't really have a 'winter' season here in Cali so it's already time to break out the lawn mowers and get some yard work done.  Those pesky flea's have already said hello to our animals but thankfully 'advantage' works so they didn't stay around long.

We bought a new beer pong table this past weekend and tested it out. We bought at 'official' 8 ft table that had an extra flare with LED lights. {Pictures posted on instagram}. I love with the guys have a 'guys night in' and I really enjoy hosting it. I love the fact that I usually end up playing for one reason or another too. We made some burgers and played until 4am. After each 'guys night' I always swear that I'm never going to drink again. I'm sure by the next game night ~ I'll have changed my mind.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I'm excited for this week.

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