Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Stagecoach 2014

In March I wrote about the Ultimate Concert and how excited I was that we got tickets to this amazing weekend. It's a huge three day California music festival filled with all ranges of artists, food, booze, and vendors. Well this past weekend we got to experience our first "Stagecoach" weekend.. it was amazing!! It takes place in the desert in Indio, CA; which is three hours away from us. I can't urge people enough to experience this amazing weekend if you are a Country fan. It's worth every penny, sleepless night, sunburn, headache... it's worth it.

Gates open at 11am Everyday. Everyone sports a wrist ban, that takes place of your ticket, for the whole weekend. The smaller or newer bands start out first then they work up to the big headliners.

We didn't get to see Eric Church - or anyone else - from Friday  night. The weather was horrible and it was freezing. If you follow me on facebook I posted a picture of the wind storm. We decided to forfit the concert and just go early on Saturday. I wish now we had gone Friday. I heard that Brantley Gilbert and Easton Corbin were amazing! Plus all the good shirts were gone .. well all the Luke Bryan shirts were gone.

Saturday was still really really cold and because we were prepared for 100 degree weather - we didn't pack correctly for the event. We got up and left the hotel around 11am and then had breakfast at IHop. I wanted to make sure to get there before Danielle Bradberry took the stage - she is good! We got to Stagecoach Saturday about 1pm. Claimed our spot and walked around. So many amazing booths of stuff from shirts, scarfs, boots, hats, sun glasses.. even a General Store for cigarettes etc. Once the sun started to set it got COLD. I mean bone chattering cold. We weren't prepared like the others and ended up buying a "StageCoach" sweatshirt for $50. Luckily as people found their seats after Jennifer Nettles preformed it got a little warmer due to body heat.. a little. Hunter Hayes took the stage and we were out of our seats. {Best concert of the event - IMO} Once Jason Aldean took the stage the wind really picked up and it was really hard to enjoy the 'sing along'. {Jason Aldean isn't much of a performer so we were just singing along to his songs}. We ended up leaving after 9 of his songs to walk a mile n half to our car. Once we got to the hotel we all crashed.. I mean instant hit the pillow crash.

Sunday we got up and got ready. Checked out of the hotel. Got breakfast at Denny's and headed to Wal-Mart. I stated a thousand times over the weekend that we weren't leaving early from Luke Bryan.. wasn't gonna happen. We picked up a blanket for the ground (to claim our spot) and throw blankets for the night. We got a couple of sweatshirts too. Got to the event around 1:30pm and found an amazing spot just in front of the big center screen. {VIP's had the first two rows sectioned off}. We walked around a while, I got two tanks and a hat. Then we went back to our seat for the night. The closer we got to Luke Bryan the louder the crowd got. It was awesome.  Florida Georgia line took the stage and preformed a great show! Out of all the performers I was not excited about them until the preformed.. great band! Then Luke Bryan took the stage.. his face lit up the big screens.. I almost cried. Lord have mercy he is gorgeous! He kept showin his wrangler booty off.. oh it was amazing!

As he preformed his encoure we started back to our car. It was 11pm and we still had an three hour drive ahead of us. I was so upset that I missed, but could hear, "I don't want this night to end". I almost cried. I know it was the right thing to do to beat the crowd, but hearing your favorite song live is a whole new level of appreciation.

We got home around 2am.. I'm exhausted. Our car is still packed with our stuff.. we are still laying in bed with cups of coffee. I mean we are tired. All in all I cant' wait to go back next year! I have found the ultimate of concerts! I fell in love with groups I've never heard of like "The Railers". Then there were preformers I was really exited about that disappointed.. well that's another blog post.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

the mini vacation.

Tuesday I posted about our adventure with the fumigation to get rid of Termites. So I guess I need to really expand on the amazing adventure of staying in a hotel for three days.

Let me start off with saying that a car ride with my two boys is always awesome. They know where to stay and they are very used to trips. The part I wasn't as prepared for were the two cats. I can handle a kid crying, I can handle a dog barking but I wasn't prepared for two cats crying and a dog whining. Let me try to paint this picture for you:
Gideon tried to jump from the trunk area to the seat to figure out why the cats were crying. While driving down the freeway my Great Dane manages to jump and land on top of one of the cat crates - creating a horrible hiss/scream from the cat in the crate. Next thing I know I've got two huge paws landing on my 'full' drink from 7-11 and throwing my clutch into neutral. While adjusting to the clutch and the spray of vanilla Dr Pepper the cat is still screaming and I have a huge head on my shoulder. He managed to slide off the cat crate and popped a plastic bag - causing a huge popping sound and another scream. To be honest I can't recall if the scream came from me or the cat, I just remember the scream. By the time I have gotten over three lanes of traffic to prepare to pull over all seems to be calm. I mean I have two exits - I literally can see the hotel sign in the distance. I decide to just keep going. Grizzly is snug in his car seat up front and content with watching his surroundings. Gideon obviously thought that this was the best seat in the SUV and attempts to climb into Grizzlys seat. Thankfully a car cut me off, causing me to slam on my breaks, and putting Gideon back between the cats. More screaming and howling from the cats, Grizzly starts barking at Gideon and a car is honking at me.

At this very moment I think to myself three things.
1. I wish I could drink. 
2. Thank God we aren't in a little Corolla anymore 
3. Thank God I don't have a baby in the car.  

As we pull off the exit Gideon's excitment kicks in and he starts to bring himself between Grizzly & I. Which normally would be fine but the car is loaded and covered in DP. With each turn the dog is slidding left and right completely in my driving space. It's not safe. As I'm yelling for him to get back, the cats are still screaming and Grizzly has decided to join in. I see my husbands truck ahead of me and inwardly sigh. One more light that's all I need to escape this madness.. one more light. As I pull into the space next to my husband I can see that he is already laughing. I mean the SUV, Grizzly and I are covered in DP with Gideon is happily between us and the man is laughing. I'm sure if we had been switched I too would have thought it was funny.

We started gathering the animals out of the car and decided that the dogs should go up first. The anticipation of how Gideon would respond to his first elevator ride lingers in air. Let me first explain that my Great Dane is terrified of boxes.. I mean an iphone box will send him whining all the way to his room. The husband & I are talking as we push the button -  Is he going to freak out? Is he going to cause us trouble? Are we going to need to find some stairs? The elevator door opens and he walks right in. We close the door, hit the button to our floor, the door closes and the floor moves. My sweet boy turns his head sideways and looks down as if to say "hey why is this moving?" The door opens on our floor and his face is priceless!! He looks between the husband & I in amazement and confusion as if asking "How did that happen?!" Gideon is very hesitant to step out of the box but Grizzly just walks out and thankfully Gideon follows his lead. Six doors down is our room. We put the key in, count to three and open the door. The dogs walk in and Gideon looks back at us like "what the hell is this place!" We had already taken a load of stuff the day before so some of our things were already in the room, which to my guess, caused more confusion for him.
*we count to three to calm the dogs. we count before entering any door other then our own. It seems to curb their excitment and helps us manage them. it's odd I know but it works. *
Thirty minutes later all the animals are checking out the room. We have just settled in with our wings from Hooters and started working on my husband comparison paper. All is great. We are just so calm and relaxed.

An hour and half later we decide to take dogs down to the 'doggie area' for a potty break. We gather leashes, bags for puppy poo and the room key. Leashes on and we count to three. Doors open and someone is on the other side walking by. That lady took one look at Gideon and screams. Why do people do that?! Gideon lunges towards her to see what's wrong and she screams again. The husband & I shake our heads and press on. We try the elevator again. Same response - goes straight in, looks sideways at the floor, and then amazed when it opens. Another person is waiting on the other side and they gasp. Oh my gawd he is huge! Yes.. he is a GREAT DANE. He is 165 pounds.. he is HUGE. I think the initial reaction from strangers to my dog is hysterical. We walk to the puppy area and a couple with a dog the size of Grizzly is there. They see us heading towards them - grab their dog in their hands and walk away .. fast. Gideon isn't aggressive. He isn't loud. He doesn't bark. I don't understand the fear people seem to express when they see him.

After potty time we head back up for another two hours and repeat the process. After that potty break we are down for the night. Every sound, every voice, every gust of wind has Gideon waking up the room. I had to turn my 'relaxation sounds' on to drown out the noise so we could get some sleep. I swear we slept three hours. It's 5 am and at this point I am exhausted and frustrated that I have to get up. The husband is about to leave for work and we need to walk the dogs before he leaves. My boys are so excited the moment my husband picks up the leashes that I can barely get my shoes on. The cats are running under beds due to the commotion and I swear we just woke up our neighbors b/c of the noise. Another successful elevator and potty trip. Now it's just me and the fur babies. I lay back down to go to sleep to be awaken by a barking .. again. I'm now ready to scream.

I forgot that the hotel placed us four doors down from the breakfast area. Which we have to pass to get to the elevator. I also realize that breakfast is until 10 am. With people walking past our room to get to the breakfast hall there is no way I'm going back to sleep. I can't take them potty without passing the breakfast area. We are trapped. Thankfully the remote is close by and anything to drown out the noise outside is the goal. The morning news pops up, the dogs quiet down and I fall back to sleep for a good two hours.

to be continued.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

fumigation headaches

So today I'm writing you guys from a hotel room in San Diego. Snuggled between a Great Dane and a Pomeranian - waiting on breakfast.

We refinanced our home - wanted to change lenders and keep everything with Navy Fed. With the paperwork we had to have a termite inspection because termites are pretty bad in CA due to weather. I was so optimistic that we would just fly through that inspection, but of course, I was wrong. Terminex found wings and stuff in the attic above the master bedroom and so here we are.

Ok maybe I made that sound too simple. If you haven't been through a fumigation then count your blessings! It's a nightmare. We had to bag all foods and meds in the special bags - double bagged. Refrig, freezer, cabinets.. everything. We had to comb over the house for medicine and food to make sure it was all bagged. We couldn't leave any plants, pet or people (obviously) so this was our first family 'get away', as I have been calling it, with the whole family. We made our fumigation appointment the day of our termite inspection so that gave the whole house five days to prepare.

So since last Tuesday we had to find a hotel that would accommodate the animals. Having a Great Dane is hard enough but all these places that have weight restrictions and crap - ugh. Many headaches. After narrowing down my choice of hotels by three options we also had to make sure that the couple living with us had their hotel that could accommodate their kids & animals. The plants went to my neighbors house. We bagged, and bagged, and bagged. Cleaned and bagged some more. We got a total of 100 bags and since they needed to be double bagged that came out to 50. We used all 50 bags. You never know how much stuff you have until you have to pack and bag your stuff.

They, originally, told us that we would have been out of the house by 8am so they could start the fumigation but Terminex didn't show up until 1pm. We reserved a hotel room from Sun through Thursday. Can't check in until 3pm and have to check out by noon but our house wont be ready until noon on Wed soooooo yea. Just more money and more headaches.

The best part is - our little family is all together. My animals are awesome and well behaved. Gideon adapted to all the changes like a champ & even the cats are handling this okay. Then we come home, unpack and repack for Stagecoach coming up this weekend!! It's been in a experience, for sure, but nothing we couldn't handle. The hotel room is so nice, quiet and cozy. We got separate hotels from our roomies & while we love them to death - the break was needed.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Monday, April 14, 2014

this is hard

I swear my life is so chaotic right now as if I was drowning in the emotions. Every time I force myself to see a positive I get knocked back down. The inability to do the things I was doing is extremely hard. I'm not a control freak, per say, but I do have an order to my surroundings. Not being able to mop, dust, clean out the litter box, or do yard work - yea those are tough for me. Not being able to do my own grocery shopping is driving me bonkers. Watching my house be taken over by everyone else who can move around with ease.. knife stab. I swear if I hear "go prop your feet up", "you should be taking it easy", "you need to go lay back down".. one more time I'm going to hurt someone. It's so hard for me to expect other people to take care of my stuff. When I do allow myself to release control by setting a list of expectations it doesn't get done & I'm back to feeling helpless again.
We have a homecoming approaching and the stuff isn't getting done. I have friends who would be more then willing to come and help but I can't ask someone else to do this stuff. My husband has taken on so much and I really appreciate it. At the same time it makes me feel useless... he's doing his job & mine. I mean.. this is hard.  I mean there is no way I'm calling a girl friend and saying "Can you come help me by mopping my floors and possibly vacuuming.. please while I lay here and watch you??" At that same point if you were to ask me that exact question I would do it in a heartbeat. I just can't ask someone, or allow, someone to come over to help me get this stuff done. I'm really wanting to take the stress off the hubby, since he is juggling work, school and the house.. {sigh}.
This week I have an appointment everyday.. most days I have two appointments a day. So the times I'm not gone I need to be laying in bed with my leg propped up. It's driving me batty when I know there are so many other things I need to be doing. "Taking care of yourself is important". Yes, yes it is.. but seriously.. I'm going crazy.
I just need to vent. I just need to express how useless I feel and how hard this is to me. I'm beyond frustrated. I'm beyond aggravated. I'm way beyond being tolerant and patient. I'm really over hearing "it will be ok" or "don't worry I'll take care of it". I'm annoyed with people not helping that I feel should be and constantly questioning bringing an outsider in for help.
The lady across the street owns her own cleaning business and I have have been very tempted in asking how much she would charge for basic clean up stuff. Ya know mopping, dusting, vacuuming, and wiping down the bathrooms. This is just all very hard for me to realize that I need the help. I just want to do it myself..

Saturday, April 12, 2014

searching for good books

Since I'm going to be laying around a lot I am thinking about reading.

Anyone have any great trilogy's or just a book they can recommend?
I just finished the Divergent trilogy and I'm on the hunt again.

I really enjoy romance novels, mysteries and thrillers. I'm also getting into arts & entertainment books too. I'm not a huge biography fan or religion based books.

I mean seriously any suggestion is very appreciated!

Thank you in advance!!!

Friday, April 11, 2014

holy meniscus!

I wrote in  my "Direction" post how I hurt my knee and how my PCM {Primary Dr} thought I tore my meniscus. I finally got to see a physical therapist today and I was so nervous. I think all my nerves were justified considering the direction the appointment went.

First off ~ I can't stand my PCM. I have been talking about changing for a while now. I was really waiting for this appointment to see how he 'worded' my injury. Basically he told the PT department that I strained my knee while walking at the beach. Umm no. I tripped over my, adorable, Pomeranian twice. My knee was all ready hurting prior to my trip to the beach; where I aggravated it even more. The next day I ended up in my PCM's office with a incredible swollen leg.

I have waited three weeks to be seen by the PT department. When I walked in they were just blown away with the swelling and the fact that I was walking on the ball of my foot. After a good 30 min of tests and measuring he had a verdict.  I have three - 3 - tears. One on the front, the inside of my leg and back of my knee. My injured knee is 4 1/2 inches bigger then the non injured due to swelling. The physical therapist said that he will handle my case himself but considering it's been three weeks and it's not better - it probably wont get any better without surgery.

Right now I'm scheduled for two weeks of two a week PT appointments. I'll work on strengthening my thigh and try to get a range of motion. I'm completely dependent on a crutch - not crutches - and I'm on bed rest. The plan is to get me into orthopedics, get an MRI and set a surgery date. I mean. SURGERY? I'm so incredibly pissed off. My physical therapist went on to say that had my PCM stated that I had swelling and had bruising they would have gotten me in sooner.

I'm not saying my injury is the PCM's fault.. I tripped. I find that the degree of the injury at this point is his fault for not believing I was hurt. I mean it infuriates me to think this man think i'm some over weight house wife who would exaggerate an 'pulled muscle' for a meniscus tear! I was also told that I possibly created the extra two tears by not having crutches to begin with.

Now I'm having to face knee surgery. Knee surgery. I mean it hasn't sunken in. I never thought in a trillion years I would have knee surgery. While at the Medical Center tomorrow I'm going to request a copy of the physical therapists report and file it at the TriCare office. Hopefully I can get a better PCM who wont treat me like I'm just starving for attention every time I make an appointment.

I look forward to some fantastic blog reads this weekend. I am planning on living my summer through you guys.. I know you wont' let me down. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I have touched on the topic a couple of times of looking for a different direction for the blog while my knee is healing and our fertility stuff is on hold. While searching different aspects I thought about filing the gap with recipes. I mean what makes people happier then food? Ok well there are a few things that make people happier then food but I'd like to share my family favorites.

Today I want to share my Enchiladas. The recipe is so simple and so yummy - you'll beg for seconds!

Here's what you'll need:
1 onion
2-3 cloves of garlic
1 can of chopped jalapeno's {or fresh} this is optional
1 can of black olives
1 pd of hamburger meat
1 can of enchilada sauce
1-2 cups of shredded cheese.
1 casserole dish

Preheat over to 325.
Cook the hamburger meat in a skillet until browned. {I add a little sage to the meat for extra flavor}
While meat is cooking start chopping. Cut up your onion, garlic, and black olives. Mix the chopped items into a bowl and add salt n pepper. Once the meat is cooked - drain the fat and add to the bowl with the chopped items. I add the jalapenos after I add the meat. Stir all the items together and add some enchilada sauce to cover the bottom of the bowl - not all of it.

Now I know someone just thought umm jalapenos - yea not for kids. I gotcha!
I did mine two ways for the kiddos'. I mix all the ingredients - minus the jalapenos - and wrap them. Or you can take the hamburger meat & shredded cheese combine them in a tortilla and bake the same.  The six year old didn't like the mixture and the 3 yr old loved the mix. I ended up swapping the two enchiladas I made for the kids and everyone was happy. Go figure.

I like to buy the big tortilla's. So this allows me to add two big scoops into the tortilla and wrap it up. Keep doing this until the casserole dish is full.{I usually have to use two casserole dishes and it holds four to five per pan}. Once the tortillas are wrapped smoother the tortillas with enchilada sauce and cheese. Bake in the over for 15 - 20 minutes.

 *pictures provided were taken the next day I promise they look better right out of the oven. *