Tuesday, April 22, 2014

fumigation headaches

So today I'm writing you guys from a hotel room in San Diego. Snuggled between a Great Dane and a Pomeranian - waiting on breakfast.

We refinanced our home - wanted to change lenders and keep everything with Navy Fed. With the paperwork we had to have a termite inspection because termites are pretty bad in CA due to weather. I was so optimistic that we would just fly through that inspection, but of course, I was wrong. Terminex found wings and stuff in the attic above the master bedroom and so here we are.

Ok maybe I made that sound too simple. If you haven't been through a fumigation then count your blessings! It's a nightmare. We had to bag all foods and meds in the special bags - double bagged. Refrig, freezer, cabinets.. everything. We had to comb over the house for medicine and food to make sure it was all bagged. We couldn't leave any plants, pet or people (obviously) so this was our first family 'get away', as I have been calling it, with the whole family. We made our fumigation appointment the day of our termite inspection so that gave the whole house five days to prepare.

So since last Tuesday we had to find a hotel that would accommodate the animals. Having a Great Dane is hard enough but all these places that have weight restrictions and crap - ugh. Many headaches. After narrowing down my choice of hotels by three options we also had to make sure that the couple living with us had their hotel that could accommodate their kids & animals. The plants went to my neighbors house. We bagged, and bagged, and bagged. Cleaned and bagged some more. We got a total of 100 bags and since they needed to be double bagged that came out to 50. We used all 50 bags. You never know how much stuff you have until you have to pack and bag your stuff.

They, originally, told us that we would have been out of the house by 8am so they could start the fumigation but Terminex didn't show up until 1pm. We reserved a hotel room from Sun through Thursday. Can't check in until 3pm and have to check out by noon but our house wont be ready until noon on Wed soooooo yea. Just more money and more headaches.

The best part is - our little family is all together. My animals are awesome and well behaved. Gideon adapted to all the changes like a champ & even the cats are handling this okay. Then we come home, unpack and repack for Stagecoach coming up this weekend!! It's been in a experience, for sure, but nothing we couldn't handle. The hotel room is so nice, quiet and cozy. We got separate hotels from our roomies & while we love them to death - the break was needed.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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