Friday, April 11, 2014

holy meniscus!

I wrote in  my "Direction" post how I hurt my knee and how my PCM {Primary Dr} thought I tore my meniscus. I finally got to see a physical therapist today and I was so nervous. I think all my nerves were justified considering the direction the appointment went.

First off ~ I can't stand my PCM. I have been talking about changing for a while now. I was really waiting for this appointment to see how he 'worded' my injury. Basically he told the PT department that I strained my knee while walking at the beach. Umm no. I tripped over my, adorable, Pomeranian twice. My knee was all ready hurting prior to my trip to the beach; where I aggravated it even more. The next day I ended up in my PCM's office with a incredible swollen leg.

I have waited three weeks to be seen by the PT department. When I walked in they were just blown away with the swelling and the fact that I was walking on the ball of my foot. After a good 30 min of tests and measuring he had a verdict.  I have three - 3 - tears. One on the front, the inside of my leg and back of my knee. My injured knee is 4 1/2 inches bigger then the non injured due to swelling. The physical therapist said that he will handle my case himself but considering it's been three weeks and it's not better - it probably wont get any better without surgery.

Right now I'm scheduled for two weeks of two a week PT appointments. I'll work on strengthening my thigh and try to get a range of motion. I'm completely dependent on a crutch - not crutches - and I'm on bed rest. The plan is to get me into orthopedics, get an MRI and set a surgery date. I mean. SURGERY? I'm so incredibly pissed off. My physical therapist went on to say that had my PCM stated that I had swelling and had bruising they would have gotten me in sooner.

I'm not saying my injury is the PCM's fault.. I tripped. I find that the degree of the injury at this point is his fault for not believing I was hurt. I mean it infuriates me to think this man think i'm some over weight house wife who would exaggerate an 'pulled muscle' for a meniscus tear! I was also told that I possibly created the extra two tears by not having crutches to begin with.

Now I'm having to face knee surgery. Knee surgery. I mean it hasn't sunken in. I never thought in a trillion years I would have knee surgery. While at the Medical Center tomorrow I'm going to request a copy of the physical therapists report and file it at the TriCare office. Hopefully I can get a better PCM who wont treat me like I'm just starving for attention every time I make an appointment.

I look forward to some fantastic blog reads this weekend. I am planning on living my summer through you guys.. I know you wont' let me down. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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