Saturday, April 12, 2014

searching for good books

Since I'm going to be laying around a lot I am thinking about reading.

Anyone have any great trilogy's or just a book they can recommend?
I just finished the Divergent trilogy and I'm on the hunt again.

I really enjoy romance novels, mysteries and thrillers. I'm also getting into arts & entertainment books too. I'm not a huge biography fan or religion based books.

I mean seriously any suggestion is very appreciated!

Thank you in advance!!!


  1. If you like romance novels Jill Shalvis has a great series called the Lucky Harbor series. I think there's nine and three more due out this year. Typical fluffy romance but I like them. For similar YA books Cinder, Scarlett and Cress are good as is the book Something Real. Or (totally different author) Something Borrowed and Something Blue. Are you on the site I find Tons of new books that way and track what I've read and want to read.

  2. You'll love reconstructing amelia…best book I've read in a while.

  3. I need to start a new book too. Let us know what you pick!