Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Stagecoach 2014

In March I wrote about the Ultimate Concert and how excited I was that we got tickets to this amazing weekend. It's a huge three day California music festival filled with all ranges of artists, food, booze, and vendors. Well this past weekend we got to experience our first "Stagecoach" weekend.. it was amazing!! It takes place in the desert in Indio, CA; which is three hours away from us. I can't urge people enough to experience this amazing weekend if you are a Country fan. It's worth every penny, sleepless night, sunburn, headache... it's worth it.

Gates open at 11am Everyday. Everyone sports a wrist ban, that takes place of your ticket, for the whole weekend. The smaller or newer bands start out first then they work up to the big headliners.

We didn't get to see Eric Church - or anyone else - from Friday  night. The weather was horrible and it was freezing. If you follow me on facebook I posted a picture of the wind storm. We decided to forfit the concert and just go early on Saturday. I wish now we had gone Friday. I heard that Brantley Gilbert and Easton Corbin were amazing! Plus all the good shirts were gone .. well all the Luke Bryan shirts were gone.

Saturday was still really really cold and because we were prepared for 100 degree weather - we didn't pack correctly for the event. We got up and left the hotel around 11am and then had breakfast at IHop. I wanted to make sure to get there before Danielle Bradberry took the stage - she is good! We got to Stagecoach Saturday about 1pm. Claimed our spot and walked around. So many amazing booths of stuff from shirts, scarfs, boots, hats, sun glasses.. even a General Store for cigarettes etc. Once the sun started to set it got COLD. I mean bone chattering cold. We weren't prepared like the others and ended up buying a "StageCoach" sweatshirt for $50. Luckily as people found their seats after Jennifer Nettles preformed it got a little warmer due to body heat.. a little. Hunter Hayes took the stage and we were out of our seats. {Best concert of the event - IMO} Once Jason Aldean took the stage the wind really picked up and it was really hard to enjoy the 'sing along'. {Jason Aldean isn't much of a performer so we were just singing along to his songs}. We ended up leaving after 9 of his songs to walk a mile n half to our car. Once we got to the hotel we all crashed.. I mean instant hit the pillow crash.

Sunday we got up and got ready. Checked out of the hotel. Got breakfast at Denny's and headed to Wal-Mart. I stated a thousand times over the weekend that we weren't leaving early from Luke Bryan.. wasn't gonna happen. We picked up a blanket for the ground (to claim our spot) and throw blankets for the night. We got a couple of sweatshirts too. Got to the event around 1:30pm and found an amazing spot just in front of the big center screen. {VIP's had the first two rows sectioned off}. We walked around a while, I got two tanks and a hat. Then we went back to our seat for the night. The closer we got to Luke Bryan the louder the crowd got. It was awesome.  Florida Georgia line took the stage and preformed a great show! Out of all the performers I was not excited about them until the preformed.. great band! Then Luke Bryan took the stage.. his face lit up the big screens.. I almost cried. Lord have mercy he is gorgeous! He kept showin his wrangler booty off.. oh it was amazing!

As he preformed his encoure we started back to our car. It was 11pm and we still had an three hour drive ahead of us. I was so upset that I missed, but could hear, "I don't want this night to end". I almost cried. I know it was the right thing to do to beat the crowd, but hearing your favorite song live is a whole new level of appreciation.

We got home around 2am.. I'm exhausted. Our car is still packed with our stuff.. we are still laying in bed with cups of coffee. I mean we are tired. All in all I cant' wait to go back next year! I have found the ultimate of concerts! I fell in love with groups I've never heard of like "The Railers". Then there were preformers I was really exited about that disappointed.. well that's another blog post.

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