Thursday, May 15, 2014

help wanted.

I'm thinking about my days after knee surgery and preparing while I can. I need to just get a couple of things out of the way so I can just go with the flow and to make me feel at ease a little more. 

1. I want comfy pants to wear while i heal. Chances are I'm going to end up with the adidas snap pants.. see!

BUT I already found some cute shorts/pants at Victoria Secret today. I know I know .. yes I'm addicted to VS 

I want these bootcut fleece pants but the hubby thinks they'll be too hot for the summer.

So I asked for these and he still said no:

I think I'm just gonna order them and deal with that later. 

2. I want to hire a house keeper. 
I want someone to just dust and mop the floors in the front of the house... possibly vaccum my room. Nothing crazy difficult or anything. I mean it's not that crazy of a suggestion since i'll be on my butt for six weeks.. right?
I've actually gotten the OK from the hubby on this one. 
Now I just gotta find someone I trust to clean my house while I'm drugged.

3. Well I already got #3. 
We are getting central AC/heat put into the house next week. If you are going to lay around all summer might as well be comfortable too... right? 

4. mini frig
Ok now I'm just being upsurd but seriously I'd love to find a mini frig to put next to my side of the bed so I have a couple of comforts and don't have to rely on anyone. I have a bathroom, my bed, all the electronics, a tv... and well a mini frig would go nicely with my new fleece pants. 

Oh man things I'd never thought I'd do.. hire a housekeeper and ask for a mini frig. I mean the AC thing has been a while coming and well I never pass up an excuse to shop at VS. 

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