Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Ok ok. I know some of you are just like "seriously!" but this is huge to me. It's not a sympathy trip or a poor me kinda thing.. it's a "i really don't know what to do". Blogging helps me sometimes because I can write it all down and think about it.

IUI: The artificial inseminations are working as far as producing the eggs to be ready to be fertilized. The meds they are giving me are producing up to 5 eggs to be fertilized. The husbands sperm count is still a little low to them but is gradually going back up. It's after the insemination takes place we don't know what is happening. We don't if the sperm isn't strong enough to penetrate the egg(s), we don't know if the egg is beating off the sperm, and we don't even know if the sperm are going to the egg.

After the insemination you wait two l o n g weeks to see if the process works. Because you have taken the HCG hormone your body creates fake pregnancy symptoms until it leaves your body {which is 10 days}. After that ten days whatever symptoms you have can, or not be, actual pregnancy symptoms.

Once you period comes there isn't a explanation on why it didn't work. It's just a 'you can try again in three months". For me it's agonizing to not have a reason why the conception isn't taking place. To do all the weird and crazy things I do during treatments and to not have a reason it didn't work. Not to mention that we pump ourselves full of hormones, drugs, vitamins and hope.

Since I've never actually done an IVF round I have no idea what to expect personally. Although I've heard and read various articles - i can only give you generalizations. I know they give you hormones and meds to produce eggs. I know they do an egg retrieval that is 'surgery'. I know the day of the retrieval they need a sperm drop off. I know that while you recover they put the sperm & egg together in a pastry dish to watch them grow. I know that by the time you recover from the retrieval they put the egg/sperm back into your uterus. After that I believe it's back to a two week wait to see if your body took the embryo planted into you.

It's a long and different process. It's scary to me because it's different.

I think it's worth all the money if they can figure out why the egg and sperm aren't joining together. Even if we have to prepare to do this twice; it will be worth it if they can find an answer. That's all I want.. an answer.

At the end of the day, knee surgery aside, I think I've agreed to skip the IUI round. Not knowing why we aren't getting pregnant and waiting to just hear "i don't know" just isn't enough anymore. This fertility stuff ends for me very soon & I would like to at least have a medical reason or explanation on why things aren't working for us. I may end all of this and not have a baby to show for it.. but I'd like to know that I tried all that I can.

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