Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I love making blankets.
I love creating something for a friends birthday & especially a baby.
Currently I am making a couple for the bestie and her baby boy - who is still in the oven.
The theme for her baby is Texas Longhorns. Since I'm a die hard Aggie fan this has been a very challenging project. It also shows how much I love my bestie & her baby boy.
I've also made her a car seat canopy & burp cloths. Hopefully I can get all of this done before her baby shower so I've really gotta stop procrastinating.

All my blankets have a pattern. I buy the fabric
first then I cut all the squares to either a 4x4 or a 5x5 - then I build my pattern. Depending on the gender of the child, nursery design and how well I know the parents depends on how fancy I get.
Some are just a plain pattern and some are really creative and different for me.. like this one. It was my first wrap around pattern that I'd ever done with a ruffle edge.

If I really know the couple then I'll try something new - like a different border or different backing. It also depends on how bold I get with colors because I try to stay in the pastel family for baby blankets.

(There two creations are currently my latest and my favorites).

As my husband talks more and more about going back to sea and we start preparing for a deployment I look for blankets. Usually before a deployment I pick three focus points. Since I don't have kiddo's yet I usually pick crazy stuff like weight loss (gym membership) and seeing every movie that comes out for the duration of the deployment. This is where my pinterest account become amazing! I can store all my future ideas to make during deployment.. here! I'm gonna try and make sheet sets with pillow cases, some throw pillows for the bedroom and living room, and possibly some clothes. 

I'm really excited to make the ruffle shower curtain.. I want to make one for all year, one for Fourth of July and one for Christmas. I mean I gotta cover my two favorite holidays! Since I keep hearing it's super easy to make then I should be able to make three for the guest bathroom.. right?

The fourth of July and Christmas would be easy to pull off! It might be really cute! Then you just buy a set or two of towels and tada! you have made your own decorations.

Okay way off topic here.. my point is that I guess preparing for a deployment is similar to 'nesting'. Even though we don't pick orders until next month - I'm starting to prepare myself. 
I'll have to share all the besties blankets after they are all done. Despite the "Longhorn" crap - this has honestly been my favorite blanket set that I've created. I can't wait to show off the Car seat canopy either.. it's awesome! 

If you make blankets too please let me know! I love seeing creations and I love getting ideas from other people! 

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