Monday, May 19, 2014

weekend recap

We aren't very interesting folk.. but we did have some big moments this past week/weekend that I'd like to share with y'all.

Last Thursday we were blessed to have central heat & air installed in our home. The company is coming back this week to replace some duct work and some vents. Otherwise we are already up and running. The house feels amazing! We used Precision heating and air - I highly recommend this company! The owner, Eddie, is super friendly & personal .. he taught us so much about what they were doing and why. His guys were also very friendly and professional! Victor, the head guy, even made sure to schedule 'breaks' every two hours to let the dogs go out and potty.

Friday night I talked the hubby into going and buying his dream car! We went to two different dealerships and have night n day experiences. The first dealership was rude, our salesman just ditched us and the manager kept telling my husband "you're never gotta get everything you want". We left and headed to Midway Jeep the salesman "Charlie" went out of his way to find the hubby's car! After we gave over our wish list, the salesman was able to find the vehicle in their 'extra' lot and drove us right to it. We weren't able to get a 'sun roof' like he wanted but he got everything else he asked for in his new 2014 Dodge Dart GT.

Saturday afternoon I went and got my Riser tattoo that I talked about here. I debated on putting a color in it or giving it an outline color .. but I really just liked it being the way I had it. So far a couple of people have suggested that I get it colored in or add more too it.. but it's my tattoo and I don't want to alter it's meaning to me. That being said.. I just got the outline of the "thunderbird" between my shoulder blade. {It's not a great picture but you get the point}

I love it. I think it's symbolic meaning (to me) and the fact that it seems to be 'guiding' me makes it perfect. I think adding a color around or in it would change it's meaning.. and well like I said I love it.

Those are three big events for us.. AC, a new car and my second tattoo.

How was your weekend? Let me know you dropped by so I can return the favor.

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