Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fun Facts

Lets get to know one another and have some fun!!

What to do:
Grab the code below and create a post about 10 fun facts about yourself. 
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Lat n Long of the Heart

1. I'm a Victoria Secret aholic.. no seriously I could open my own store. 
"bra & undies anyone"?

2. I just spent $200 at the bath n body works Semi Annual sale.. 
"mmmm the new 'beach day candle!"

3. I'm a horrible theater buddy if I have read the book first 
"umm that's not how it happened!"

4. I have a major addiction to Starbucks
"Venti Vanilla Machiatto or Caramel Frap.. I can't decide!!"

5. I'm a brand snob - once I fall in love with it; it's all I want to own.
"Coach, Miss Me Jeans, Victoria Secret, Nike....."

6. I love books.. love novels mostly.
"ooo will they end up together or not?!"

7. If I could I would own a dog farm to save all the homeless dogs
"that's a whole lotta barkin' going on"

8. My favorite smells are fresh cut grass and suntan lotion
"summer time anyone?"

9. I'm obsessed with Italian food
"pizza, pastas, bread sticks"

10. I like to live on a schedule
"Sunday's are reserved for laundry!!"

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