Monday, June 30, 2014

If I Stay... book review

I just completed reading If I Stay by Gayle Forman.

There are are two books. The second one is called "Where She Went" ~ I haven't started reading it yet.

The book will soon be a movie. Which in the theater it looked amazing and heart wrenching.

The Overview is ...

A 17 yr old girl named Mia is in love with her cello. She is different then her 'punk rock' family and struggles to find her place. Her second love is Adam, her boyfriend, who is also a musician in a up & coming band "Shooting Star". On a snowy day her family takes a road trip and it ends in a fatal crash. Not yet dead but not quite alive Mia watches everything move around her. Mia is aware of everything; the people who are with her at the hospital, what has happened to her parents and brother and she can see her self laying in the hospital ICU bed.

She must make a choice to stay - continue to live or allow her self to go - die.

My rating:
I give this book a generous 2 out of 5. It has a good story to tell. The problem is it's all jumbled together. It doesn't have chapters but it is separated by time stamps..  The beginning of each 'time stamp' tells about how Mia is doing after the accident. Then a little ~ symbol appears and she starts talking about the past. You learn about her Mom, Dad, brother, boyfriend, bestfriend, parents friends.... all after reading about the gut wrenching accident she just endured.
I think this book would have been 100% better if the information about all of these people were told before the crash. I think it would have made a bigger impact, on me, to read about her decision to stay or leave if it had all been together.
I wanted to keep jumping ahead to follow the emotional roller coaster of stuff that went on after the car accident. Sure the other stuff was great to know but again I think it should have been told before the accident.

Final Say:
I think it's a good book worth reading.. it's an easy 1 day read.. It was very touching and emotional. I felt very strongly for Mia and the choice she had to make. I just think it could have been organized a little better.

I'll start reading book 2 "Where She Went" next week & I'll be sure to give you a review.

I've also preordered "Before I Fall" by Lauren Oliver on Amazon.. it should be arriving here any day now. Hopefully I'll be able to get some reviews to you after I finish them.

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