Friday, June 6, 2014

infertility train

The infertility train never really stops. Not really. You either get off for a pit stop or you ride the rails as long as they will take you. Each journey is more exhausting as the next. It's a emotional, expensive and sometimes heart breaking ride.

We are moving forward..The IUI train has left the stations and we are about to board the Invitro train. I'm terrified. I joined a 'military infertility' group on facebook. It's nice. It allows me to ask questions to women who are battling the same insurance and, in some cases, the same Dr's. Again ~ I'm terrified.

We always fear the unknown. I know every hug and turn of the IUI's. I know what to expect, taken all the meds.. so it's a comfortable place now. Now we are venturing in the world of the unknowns....
Currently I'm looking up all the information I can. It's a daunting task but I like to be prepared.

I think I'm ready for this. I think I'm able to face my 'invitro' fears. I think I'm ready to handle the fear of "what if my body doesn't take the embryo's?" that is honestly my biggest fear. Not that they wont make or not that they wont be healthy but that my body wont take the transfer. I guess it's time to just face the fear and board the crazy fertility train again.

I just hope that I can get healthy enough to handle this adventure. I'm praying I can find a way to stay stress free and relax during this process. I'm also praying that the fact that my knee will be healing at the same time will allow myself to take the pressure off.

Here is to another couple months of drinkin' like a fish while I still can...

If you have any personal stories of invitro please share with me!! I'd love getting all the info I can...

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