Tuesday, June 3, 2014

just an update

Wowzer is it really the first week of June?! I mean time is just sailing past us....

Today I get my MRI! I'm so nervous, excited and anxious too.
I shouldn't be that excited for an MRI. I mean it's a huge metal machine that is going to make a whole bunch of banging noises. I'm going to have to strip off all the metal I wear (which is a lot) to lay perfectly still for half an hour. It sounds glamorous I know.. MRI's are the new rage didn't ya know?

I'm just excited that in a week from now I'll be able to know exactly what is wrong with my knee. I'll be able to gear Physical therapy to my injury and I'll be able to find out about surgery. Is this a meniscus tear or a MCL? Is it both? Will it heal on it's own? Can they see the fluid around my knee? What is that from? and the million dollar question "Will I have to have surgery?"
Last week was the semi annual sale at Victoria Secret. Who else participated?? I love this sale. I swear I save up, correction I prepare the husband, twice a year for this huge sale. I bought a really fun bra this time around - IMO - I ordered the Push Up bra #CZ-312-845 in 'Call my Paisley'.  I waited too long for the 50% 'dorm' collection. I really wanted a set of the lavender/cherry blossom sheets. Anyway I got a couple of bathing suits and some other stuff so I'm happy I got a chance to buy some of my favorite things - on sale.

Last week my hubby had Lasik surgery. He is doing great and he's so excited he got it done. I, personally, will never do it. His eyes were getting worse and his prescription was already really strong. I'm so happy he is starting to do more and more for himself. The car.. the Lasik.. I'm proud of him. He gives and gives and does very little for himself.

I've got a couple of projects in the works. I need to finish my besties blankets - I'm running out of time. Hopefully I can get them to her Mom's before the baby shower.. 'fingers crossed'. I also bought fabric to make a dress for my friends little girl. Ok I bought a lot of fabric to make a couple of dresses for her little girl. Hopefully I can get myself to sit down and get this stuff done. I'll elaborate more on this project in a later post.

That's the highlight of my past week. Exciting I know. Hope everyone is having a great first week of June.

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