Monday, June 16, 2014

Knee answers.

I've been talking a lot about my hurt knee and all the crazy crap that I've had to deal with. From being in pain one day and not the other ... the lack of activities I can't do anymore... and having no idea what was really wrong. I finally got my MRI; which I talked about here. I got a copy of the MRI disk and have watched about 1,000 times because it's cool and I wanted to kinda self diagnose myself. Friday I met back with the orthapedic to get her medical opinion on what I was looking at {and was anxious to see if my self diagnoses was correct}.

Here is what she said {MRI pictures will be included}

 photo f630c309-2c88-4724-b72d-f90ac1818509_zpsd380ec0c.jpg
Do you see the little tail in between the knee bones? That is a meniscus tear. So what is a meniscus you may ask .. read here. It's a pretty good tear & you can see that it's only on one side.

I also have a torn MCL (Which I don't have a good picture of) that will heal on it's own. It will take about 6 weeks to fully recover and heal. What is a MCL? you can read about that here.

The biggest thing that the MRI techs and the ortho questioned was this little guy..

 photo 3b5fa52d-ef77-4626-8fd9-e941deacac39_zps929fc57a.jpg

This gigantic hole has everyone questioning what the heck it is.. it's a very long and deep hole that goes through my knee cartilage area. Which you can see here is also next to the meniscus tear. 
Here is a different view of the same hole.

 photo 2a28a65e-630f-4c10-8391-81b78ec226bd_zpsc3b18df1.jpg

So if you look at the last picture and see that white around the hole? That is a cyst. I have about four behind the knee and two that have already ruptured. The ruptured cysts fluid just moved into my calf muscle; which explains why my calf is swollen and hurts so much. I was told that the cysts form because fluid has been sitting on my knee for so long - the fluid eventually forms little pouches. When they do surgery and remove the fluid the cysts will go away over time. 

All in all the end result is surgery. Surgery for the meniscus tear and surgery to correct that hole. The MCL and cysts will heal themselves with physical therapy and my knee being confined in a brace after surgery. I meet with the surgeon on the 30th so that he can check out this hole and set up a surgery date. I'm hoping that surgery is the second week of July and the surgeon doesn't the keep procrastinating ... I wanna heal before I throw myself into baby making appointments in August. 


  1. I'm glad you finally got some answers! I hope your surgery goes well and you recover quickly! =]

    1. I'm anxious to meet the surgeon.. I'll be one step closer to being fixed once that happens. Thank you Miranda!! <3, Amy