Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dierks' Bentley concert part II

So yesterday I shared part one where i told you about our VIP access, our seats, and the swag I purchased. The day before that I talked about when I fell in love with Dierks and how he isn't just a hot guy in tight jeans kinda love for me here.  Today I'm going to share a TON of picture with you and a video. Then I'll share the experience that changed my love affair with the man.

I took a 'blast' of picture of Dierks from the big screen next to us. So here are a couple of them.

These are some I got once I got up close.. I was so close

At one part of his concert he ran up to an area by where we were. We were close but I wanted to be closer. I DID get closer.. very close. Thanks to some fan who, literally, moved me closer by putting me in his 'box' area. I was diagonal from Dierks as her performed two songs. Then when the fanatic in me couldn't be any happier - the most amazing thing happen!

 If you still aren't sure what you just watched.. I touched Dierks Bentley's hand. Yes. I. Did. So that crazy scream you hear at the end... yes that was me. I screamed and screamed. I kissed the guy who moved me into his box seating area {on the cheek} and said thank you. I walked two boxes down and entered mine. I watched the rest of the concert with a new kind of fanatic high.

"I Hold On" came on and while he described the song I knew I was going to shed some tears. It's an emotional song for me. Two cords in I had a nice cry.. not an ugly one... but the tears definitely fell down my face.

After all the money I spent.  After all the preparing. After all the beers and babysitters. It was worth it all. I'm just sad it was over so quickly. I can't wait to buy tickets to his next concert and up my 'fanatic' experience by getting back stage passes! Meet & Greet!!

Hope you enjoyed the past three days reading about the concert of MY lifetime - so far. I hope you have come to understand why I'm so obsessed with this artist. And I hope you also got a chance to check out his Riser Tour when it came to your area. Maybe, just maybe, this also encouraged you to become a fan of his too.


  1. How fun! I haven't been to a concert in ages. Country concerts are the best.

    1. Yes country concerts are the best! Try to get a concert in while you can... :)