Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I can do this

The hardest part about my knee injury has been missing the gym. 

The fear of hurting again or another set back keeps me from stepping in the gym. 

The things I've been able to accomplish in physical therapy these past weeks have built that desire and courage to start up again. Of course it has to be slow and taken a day at a time but I gotta face that fear and go back.  I worked too hard last year to throw it away now. Plus it's good for my osteoarthritis to get back into the routine. 

It's good for my future mini me's and it's good to have the gym during the infertility process. 
I have a YMCA membership that I need to start using. 
I have looked up the schedules for the water aerobics because it will be good for my knee.
Otherwise I want to start focusing on weight lifting to tone my arms, legs and try to get rid of the stomach pooch. 

I can do this.