Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Knee Osteoarthritis

I have learned many things about military Dr's.
1. Patience is a key.
2. You are going to get five different opinions before getting the correct diagnosis.
3. You are going to want to kill someone before it's all over.

So I have shared my frustrations over the course of the past four months. After fighting through physical therapy, getting a MRI and now seeing a surgeon.. it's all been for nothing. yep.. for nothing.
I met with a surgeon today, who really needs to work on his bed side manner, that told me that I do not have a torn meniscus or MCL. The only thing that Sharp, who did my MRI, and himself found was that I have "Osteoarthritis" in the knee and don't need knee surgery.

What does this mean? I have to wear this knee brace ... beautiful isn't it.

I have to sit still for a couple of weeks. I have the option of taking a 'steroid' shot (which I can't take due to infertility treatments). This also means that I have to start all over and make a call to my primary doctor. Since the lining of my knee is wearing down - my life activities will be limited for a while. I did, however, read that exercise is greatly suggested to regain the strength to the knee - possibly decreasing pain too. 

My awesome hubby also fought me some 'fish oil' vitamins and Glucosamine / Chondroitin / MSM vitamins to help. 

As thankful as I am to not need surgery.. I'm very upset that I took this whole journey for nothing. This could have all been fixed a long time ago... but lets dwell on the positive.. NO SURGERY! 

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