Tuesday, July 8, 2014

more Dr bs

To follow up to my post knee osteoarthritis I scheduled a appointment with my primary Dr. The problem was my primary was out of town for the weekend so I got another Dr in the office. I got there 45 minutes early, on purpose, and got to be seen right away. The 'nurse' was really nice and sweet. Aside from the fact that he made me check my weight on the scale, he was a sweetie.
The women Dr walked in and everything changed.
After a few moments of being in my room she announced that the computers were down and she couldn't access my file. I almost walked out.
She asked for a complete run down of events since March but for someone who couldn't access my file she sure knew a lot about my events. She questioned everything I said. everything. After telling her about my experience with the surgeon she told me that I couldn't be telling the truth. Because she couldn't access my file and read what he had written it was to be 'predetermined'. That's when I walked out. She raced after me telling me that I was over reacting. I lost my mind.
I turned on a heel in front of god and everyone and said "I have been in pain for the past four months. four months. I have done everything that you have asked me to do. Physical therapy. Waiting for a MRI. I have followed every procedure! I'm in pain. I can't walk around without being in pain. I can't do my job as a housewife. I am tired of being in pain. I'm supposed to be able to rely on my 'hometeam' for support but all you and Dr R do is call me a liar. Now I think I've been through enough pain and I want help. I want to know what step I need to talk to stop being in pain."
Her face went as white as could be. She pursed her lips together really thin and squinted her eyes at me. I swear she almost spit the words at me "You need to work with physical therapy. You need to drop fourty pounds. Don't worry about rescheduling an appointment with Dr. R or calling physical therapy today because it wont be in the system. You need to make a choice between your fertility journey and your knee. If I was you I'd focus on physical therapy, drop some weight and put your fertility stuff on hold. That's my medical opinion."
I was shaking. I was pissed. I was so infuriated that someone could stand there and say the things she did. So I calmly stated back "I was working out before I hurt my knee. If you had done your job four months ago I wouldn't have to make a choice between my leg or a baby.  You have no right to judge me or make judgements about my life choices. I made an appointment to see you today so that I could get help because I have been in pain for four months. Again you are my 'hometeam' which means that you are the one I'm supposed to be going too for help. You are supposed to be on my side not wasting my time with your 'our computers crashed' bs.
That's when I walked out.
I did call physical therapy and they made a evaluation appointment for me right away. I also called the fertility department to talk about the option of taking a steriod shot for a while. I also found out that I need to see a rheumatologist because osteoarthritis is a progressive disease. {I use that term lightly}. All of this without the help of my, so called, hometeam.

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