Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Eating disorders.

For years we have heard about eating disorders. Maybe you've actually known someone with one. I, personally, do not. While I have written the past two days on how I feel women have become marketing schemes. If you have read the past two posts then you see that I'm hugely outrageous that women are marketing sexual object. I'm also outrageous that it has come down to body shaming, altering our appearances and eating disorders.
Today I want to shed some light on the different types of eating disorders. All the information used came from 
According to the website to be classified as Anorexia Nervosa comes from these four steps. 1. A person being 15% under their expected body weight. 2. Fear of gaining weight even though they are under weight. 3. A person must be disatisfied with the way their body currently looks. 4. Changes in mensteral cycles resulting in three missed cycles called Amenorrhea takes effect.
This website names off a couple of different types of eating disorders such as:
Bulimia Nervosa :
Bingeing <BED>  
Anorexia Athletica  
Over Exercise
Over Eating
Night Eating
It's hard to sit and read all these different categorizations and definitions from them all. One is one too many. While I read through them all I could identify with a couple of them personally. While I don't feel I have a eating disorder I do understand why the awareness from them are important. 
While we can sit and listen to one websites definitions I feel that statistics are important - if not more important. I set down and looked over It's a national association of anorexia and associated disorders. It says that 50% of all people with eating disorders have a form of depression. Only 1-10 men/women get help and receive treatment. 35% of these people get help at a specialized facility. 24 million people, of all ages and gender, suffer from a eating disorder. Eating disorders have the highest mortality of any mental illness. That is astonishing! 24 million people suffer. 50% have a form of depression and only 35% get help at a specialized facility. That is very un-nerving. The website goes into more detail and defines it all out by gender and age. It's even got a column called "Media, Perception, Dieting". is another site that talks about the different eating disorders and signs to look for. Its also says that since the 1950's eating disorders have been in a steady incline. Since 1930 women from 15-19 have battles anorexia. Bulimia tripled. Yes Tripled. In women ages 10-39 from 1988 - 1933. While it's common that eating disorders are linked to psychological disorders that few are able to get help due to medication or psychological interference. 

With all of this that we read. All of the multiple websites that provide the information to help us stay healthy and fit. We still find a way to body bash our self's. We find a way to bully or to make someone else feel less than. While I can't blame all the pressure that women and men place on their physical appearance to commercials, magazines, music video's and porn. I can say that we have a way to stop it. We have a way to put our foot down and say enough is enough. We have a way to help our daughters, nieces and future generations fall under these same brackets. Being healthy is one thing but feeling the pressure to become more for everyone else is just too much.

I'm tired of being a sexual object. I'm tired of feeling that I have to conform to a certain body type to feel good about myself. I'm tired of running into women who's bodies I claim are perfect and feeling bad about myself. I'm tired of body shaming myself and I'm tired of watching my nieces do it to themselves. I'm tired of seeing "Carl's Jr" commercials and shaking my head at the way women are portrayed. I'm tired of seeing side boobs and naked body scenes and comparing my body to theirs. I want to do more to stop this. I want to take a stand and put my voice out there. I want a better generation of body images in young teens and adults. 

I hope the past three days has enlightened your view on this topic in some way. While it's a passionate topic for me it may not be for some of you reading this. I urge you all to stop and think the next time you go to 'body shame' yourself or someone else. I also urge you to stop and think the next time you judge yourself or someone else in front of a younger generation. I plead you to stop and think before you google the next fad diet. Excercise and diet are healthy.. in moderation. We have to learn to love ourselves and our bodies again. 

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