Friday, August 29, 2014

follow the Navy road..

Back in May I talked about my husband picking orders. I posted about it here if ya wanna go back and read it. Now we are in the end of August and while I don't have concrete news to share yet I can tell you that this is a scary road.

So if you aren't familiar with military life and how our husbands (or wives) pick orders .. let me explain. They have a list called a 'billet' that shows all the openings, locations and ships name. They pick three places they would like to go. They submit their selections and then their detailer goes over the picks and chooses what they feel would be best for the Sailor. If those selections are denied then they give to pick three different ships/places again and submit it again for review. If those are denied then they pick three more and await while it's submitted. If that third set is declined then you become 'needs of the Navy' and the Navy will put you where they need you.

Now that I've explained that.. we are on our third set. Currently there are no open 'billets' for San Diego orders for my husbands rate.  He even picked orders for pay grades below him, just to try and stay here in San Diego. Trouble with that is if a E5 is up for orders at the same time.. the E5 gets the orders over a E6. So now we are waiting to here what happens from here.. well we know what happens. IF he gets declined again for this last set of orders he picked then he'll become needs of the Navy.

While I will openly say that I was wrong with assuming that my husband would pick orders for Japan and he didn't. I'll still say that if he ends up going due to 'needs of the Navy' - I'll still stay behind. I have no interest in leaving the States and going to Japan. None. For reason's I've said before it's because of our house and mostly because of our animals. While I know that him going to Japan without me will mean two years apart.. we can handle that. Our marriage is strong enough to handle the two year seperation .. plus he'll be gone most of the time and I'd rather be in the States alone then overseas.

The point of the of the post is to state that we are in order limbo. It's a scary place to be. The not knowing and knowing that everything is about to change along with it. 2015 is a HUGE year of change for us.. without the orders.. so we shall see where this road takes us. The only things that has really changed from the last post to this post is that..
1. He didn't choose to go to Japan.
2. If he gets stateside orders we might sell our house and move.

I really want the whole Navy experience of PCSing and moving somewhere new. We have already decided we aren't going to live in California forever .. we might as well venture out a little. I wish Corpus Christi was an option or we'd get to pick some of the Southern bases.. like Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi.. but that ship has sailed.

In the next couple of week's I'll be able to share more information with what we are going to be doing. It might be nice to start this new chapter of our lives somewhere different.. in the States.. but somewhere other then California.

Where are some of your favorite military stations you've been?
Has your husband ever been 'needs of the Navy?'


  1. I hope everything works out for you guys! My husband just got orders to Tampa Florida so we will be loading up the dogs in January and heading out there from San Diego. Luckily we were never in a limbo situation and he got exactly where he wanted to go.

    1. I'm glad you guys got the orders that you want. It's really hard to stay here in SD right now. I hate being in limbo but then again it's due to the fact that my husband doesnt' want to leave here. I'm sure it will all work out. Florida huh? Not a bad place to move too after being here in SD. That's exciting!! <3, Amy