Monday, August 18, 2014

marketing sex.

A couple of nights ago Jeff asked me a question that started a whole long conversation that I felt I should share. Jeff asked me when women became so threatened by one another that it clouded the illusion of friendship. Right as I went to answer that question a commercial for Carl's Jr came on and I said "That's what happened". So bare with me and my rant as I explain how I feel that selling sex has hurt women's friendships with one another.

I think the pressure that women have on themselves now to look perfect hurts our relationships with other women. We are taught to have our own look anymore - we are all clones. If you aren't super skinny you are fat. If you don't wear makeup you are homey. If you don't try to spend every dime on a wardrobe your washed out. We tell ourselves that our husbands demand us to look sexy in fear that they will leave us. We push ourselves to try fad diets, new workout routines, higher heels, and shorter everything.  Our society has built women to be a sexual object. Again I bring us back to the latest Carl Jr's commercials.

Anybody else feel degraded by these commercials? This what our daughters and nieces think they have to look like. We have girls in early Jr high looking like someone in high school. We can't tell the difference between girls that are in high school and college. The demand to look older, smoldering, tan, skinny.. it's overwhelming. What are we really teaching our girls? What are teaching ourselves?

We have become so judgmental over every women that walks by. We judge how someone looks in jeans, how fast she loses baby weight, how much weight she gains when she gets pregnant. We judge the women eating a hamburger instead of a salad. Even when we are in the gym to improve our image we are judging the heavy set girl on the treadmill doing the same exact thing we are doing. We are so threatened by what our friends are wearing and how they are accepted in social circles. We cutt each other down, we knock each other over and we don't even know what 'build each other up' means. Two girls make a goal to work out together to become healthy. One loses more weight then the other. Friendship is over. Two girls walk in a bar, both are single. One friends gets hit one. Friendship is over.

We run to a nail salon, the gym, the tanning beds, the hair salon. We modify all our natural beauty with makeup, fake eyelashes, extensions, fake nails. We wear jeans that are so skinny they cut off circulation. Our tops become shorter. Our skirts become shorter. Our shorts barely cover our butt cheeks. We have to have a flat stomach and tanned skin. We have to either be blond or brunette. We can't allow ourselves to have 'flaws'.

Marilyn Monroe was considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the 50's - 60's. Would she even be on the list with today's standards? Her beauty came from curves. While she wowed us all in her bikini's photo's I wonder what she would think of our standards now. While Kate Upton, Katherine Webb, Sarah Underwood and Paris Hilton are gorgeous women.. they shouldn't be setting the standard for young girls around the world. Should they?

I feel like I'm on the of the few women who have issues with today's standards. Do we think it's not going to get worse? What are the statistics from the 90's to today with teen eating disorders? Skinny isn't healthy.. it's skinny. So are you starving yourself to look like a model, a movie star, or a porn star?

Candice Swanepoel is gorgeous.. no lie. Her body is rockin' but she trains hard to look this way. We can't all look like Candice. We can be happy with how our own bodies look but instead we compare ourselves to what we think we should look like. A nip here, a tuck here.. wow now I'm beautiful and I look just like Candice. When did it become so wrong to look like ourselves?

Recently a country group "Maddie & Tae" got a lot of heat for making fun of the way women are used in country videos. And they are right. Instead of getting the pun and saying "hey we deserve better as a sex" we tear the girls apart in the video stating the point. "Oh did you see her mid drift shirt?" "What about those shorts!".. We are missing the point!! Watch the video below:

Isn't anybody else upset that women have fought to have rights since the 1800's and in 2014 a women is a piece of eye candy? We are just meant to capture every eye of every man & women. We are meant to look sexy sweating, eating, drinking, dancing, pregnant, giving birth.. I mean seriously!! We have allowed the use of sex to add to much pressure to us women. We are also allowing this to shape the way our younger girls view themselves too.

I don't know about you but I think we women have a right to stop the way we are portrayed! We aren't all Cougars, or MILF's. We aren't all beauty queens. We aren't all super models. We are women that are as equally beautiful as the next. When are we going to take a stand and stop being just a peace of ass?? When are we going to stop allowing our bodies to be used as a marketing tool?? When are we going to take a stand and change the dynamic of our female generations who think all they are on this earth for is to look sexy for a man??

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