Tuesday, August 5, 2014

relaxation - finaly

This past weekend my hubby & I had the house to ourselves. We did what any couple who had the house to themselves would do - we cleaned.
Don't worry we had a little fun too..

Thursday my hubby paid for me to go get a massage & facial. It was amazing. I haven't been that pampered in a while... a long while. Afterwards I came home to find that he had also got dinner from TGI Fridays. He got my favorite appetizers and my favorite salad!! I was very shocked and very excited.

Friday I slept. No I mean I woke up at like noon. The first time in a l o n g time that I wasn't woken up to dogs barking, doors slamming, kids screaming, tv blaring.. the house was so quiet. I got woken up by the hubby and immediatly felt guilty. He had been up since 430 and I was still asleep at noon. He quickly squashed my quilt by explaining that his plan was for me just to relax. I, on the other hand, had other plans. I rushed to Target to get some cleaners and picked up an awesome 'date night' outfit.
We ended up going to see "Guardians of the Galaxy" that afternoon. {It's a really good movie.. I was really impressed}. Then came home to start our deep cleaning spree with some pizza.

Saturday & Sunday were just filled with random stuff.
I made a pot of chili and we just vegged out. It was a gloomy semi rainy day {not that it really rains here in San Diego}. I watched some tv while he got some homework done. I got all the laundry done. We watched a movie called A.C.O.D = which was good but a huge downer. It's a very serious movie with some great actress' and actors in it. On Sunday we started season 1 of "House of Cards"; which I highly recommend!

Monday has been a really quiet day. Aside from the nail salon and meeting the husband for our semi monthly car cleaning date. We went to the Y to get some laps in. We watched two episodes of "House of Cards" and a pot of coffee.

Today I'll be starting our bedroom deep clean. I want to get the carpet cleaned and I have a couple of other things. I'm still enjoying the quiet and the clam. It's always exciting around with kids adn roomies.. so it's a nice change for some relaxation.


  1. Sounds like a perfect relaxing weekend!!

  2. Glad you guys got to spend some nice relaxing alone time together! Sounds wonderful. =]

    1. It was pretty amazing. We don't get that alone time often so it's great to take advantage when we can!

  3. A massage, facial, and dinner in sounds amazing.

  4. I'm beyond happy to read you finally were able to enjoy some rest and relaxation. Well deserved and long over due.