Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Society has created.

Our society has created body bashing. We have allowed for commercials, magazine ads, evening tv shows and movies to change the perception of the human body. I wrote about this yesterday and got really carried away on my soap box.. but I'm not done. I'm so sick of having to feel the need to be skinnier, younger, and so scrutinized all the time. I think of my young nieces who grow up in this same environment and wonder "when is this going to stop!". We have just accepted the side boob shot, the nude shot or the incredibly ludicrous commercials. We have tuned in to watch music video's and now video games are starting to have the big busty women in the mix.

Colbie Caillat went on record recently with "Ellie" stating that she is tired of being airbrushed. You can read that article here. In this article she talks about how she talks to 'baby face' and the pressure to look a certain way. The song and music video "Try" elaborates more on the pressure she feels that women experience all the time. I couldn't agree more but you can watch the video and decide for yourself.

I ran across this web page. It's telling a story about a women who covered her mirrors and stopped focusing on her appearance for her nine year old daughter. Jennifer Dukes Lee even wrote a book about it called "Love Idol".  When her daughter asks why she gave up the indulgence of mirrors for lent she answered because I am tired. "I'm tired of this self-degradation that we do as women, that we're either not enough or too much - which all depends on whether we're looking in the mirror (not enough) or staring at the numbers on the bathroom scale (too much)."  

October 14, 2013 www.bbc.com released an article called "What does it feel like to be airbrushed". Georginia Wilkin, 23, a former model who developed a eating disorder due to the pressure says "I felt awful - I felt that what you are as a human being isn't good enough". So while the reporter gets her picture taken and gets 'altered' before her eyes she shares her experience. It's also stated that in 2008 talk of banning airbrushing circulated due to the number of teenage eating disorders - but as you know that didn't happen.

There was even a body evolution video circulating on facebook for a while. It show cases a young women posing for a picture and shows you step by step how this women got airbrushed in front of your eyes. It's pretty eye opening. Even though we watched it and commented on it.. nothing past that happened.  Here is the clip:

I'm not sure exactly when this became the norm or acceptable. I don't know why we allowed ourselves to be degraded and feel less worthy. Yes models get paid way more then I do. They work out, they have personal trainers.. but they have struggles with the pressure too. Tyra Banks joined Special K's campaign to help stop body bashing. why?  Why would Tyra Banks do this? because.. "93% of women 'fat talk' about themselves and do it in front of their daughters. They say my body is so disgusting, it makes me feel sick.. etc And I'm thinking, your daughter is probably your size and she's hearing that?" Crazy right?  You can read the whole article here.

So now that I've gotten a little further into the whole body bashing and away from commercial sex selling. Tomorrow I'm going to start sharing statistics and talking about this different types of eating disorders. Why? Because this is real. This is happening. This is effecting our daughters, nieces and our future generations. This has got to stop. Women are worth more then a picture. We are worth more then to be dissected for men's pleasure. We owe ourselves to stop pressuring our bodies to be manipulated so that we can project the 'perfect body'.

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