Thursday, August 14, 2014

Swimming & Paleo

I have made a point to go and swim everyday at the Y. I'm up to 12 laps, if you are counting getting from one side to the other as a lap. If you are counting a lap as from one side to the other then back.. I'm up to 6 laps. I read that it's from one side to another.. so with that I happy I've gotten 12 laps in. Today I want to add four laps in with a kick board. To really work those leg muscles. It seems my arms and shoulders are getting a lot of the workout. I can also feel it in my core. After getting these laps down, I'll start integrating some basic floor routines before hitting the gym. It's been a LONG time since I have swam laps & I'm loving it!

My husband & I started our new diet. It's been an adjustment for sure. I haven't been as faithful as he has but I can already start to tell a difference in both of us. For the past week we have both been on the Paleo diet. It's so simple! Last night, because of dental work, I had a banana, strawberry's and pineapple.. it was so good and I was full! My husband had a lettuce tuna wrap and he said he was stuffed! He has lost almost 20 pounds this week and I have lost 5.

While I'm in a complete agreeance to rid my body of any whole grain items. I do believe I can stick to a meat, veggie and fruit diet for a while. I can't find any information where grains are bad for you, but according to the caveman diet .. agriculture didn't exist so neither did wheat. The bigger issue is removing the soda's and coffee from my diet that I've grown to love and depend on so much. Although I keep reading that coffee is good for you.. hopefully I can at least just take it with cream. Again I can stick to the meat, veggies, fruits and nuts. I think it will be more cost effective AND if we can shed a couple of pounds from it.. I'm happy.

Have you tried the Paleo diet? What did you think about it? What kind of results did you see?


  1. I have never tried the Paleo diet. I love my oatmeal too much. But, I do take my coffee with just a teaspoon of half and half. I like that. And u have completely kicked diet coke. If I have a pop now, and that's rare, it's something light and fiZzy just to give me my carbonation fix. Good luck!! :)

    1. Oops!! I meant I have completely kicked diet coke.

    2. Amanda. Thanks. I bought three 12 pks of soda a while ago and we still have lingering cans. Once they are gone I'm officially done with it. I went almost two years without any. I use coffee mate creamers. I chose the non fat flavors but got into the habit of adding sugar to my cups. Bad. There are a couple of things I need to focus on.
      I am really going to give the Paleo diet a try. It seems pretty simple and straight forward. My hubby is the oatmeal guy so if he can kick it for this then he is serious. I'm a egg or two kinda girl; if I eat breakfast at all. I'm also a pasta girl so it's going to be hard to not what to whip up a pot of spaghetti.
      Thank you for the comment! Always love hearing from you. :)