Tuesday, August 12, 2014

We have a date!

Good Morning.
I know a lot of my blog has seemed dark and sad lately. I think everything is just starting to shift a little and this is the storm before the calm. Yes I twisted that around because I usually don't get a calm before a storm.. usually.

Today I'm here to share good news. Well good news for us. Our IVF retrieval date is currently Oct 22nd. I'm not sure when we start our meds but I was told that we could stop taking the birth control pills until Sept if we wanted. That leads me to believe that we aren't doing meds until Sept sometime. I've also come to understand through a facebook support group on how the rest will work.
So here is the game plan:
I'll do the retrieval.. meaning they will surgically go in and take my eggs.
Then they will take my husbands sperm and inject the eggs with his sperm.
They will give the eggs 3-5 days, while being monitored, to check the maturity.
Depending on quality and maturity we will either go back on day 3 or 5 and the Dr will insert the fertilized egg(s) back in my uterus.

Before that happens the eggs will be graded and we will know how many Great, Good, Ok and Poor eggs we created. We then have the choice on either using just ONE egg or using two. The rest will either be frozen or donated. More or less they will be frozen in the case we have to do this all over again. Right now without knowing quality, the husband & I are talking about go for two eggs. That gives a higher success rate and a higher chance on having multiples.. which we want.

After the eggs we have picked go into the uterus where they decide if they want to live there or not. Eight days later I'll go back for blood work to see what they decided ... it's daunting and exciting at the same time. The eighth day is when they will either implant or not. Then after that day we will do blood work either every other day or weekly to check the levels.

I'm also excited that the nurse asked us to stay on the birth control pills in the case that someone drops from the cycle. There are many things that cause people to drop from the cycle and we are praying we get bumped up in our date. If the date changes I'll let you know. Past that I'll more or less keep the outcome a surprise until  we are able to either announce a pregnancy or that we are going to try again. I've never really come across a blog that openly shares an IVF cycle so that's my goal. I hope you all continue to follow me through this amazing journey of creating our thunder bean.