Tuesday, September 2, 2014

four days

This past Labor Day weekend the husband was off four whole days! I'm excited to report that aside from a trip to the commissary - we did absolutely nothing! Well that's not true.. we watched Criminal Minds all weekend. ALL WEEKEND. We started with season 1 and have worked our way into season 7. It's so easy to get lost in this show and time just slipped away. I must confess that it was nice to enjoy a quiet weekend with it being just us - well for the majority.

Our week day starts back tomorrow and I'm ready. Next weekend is going to be a busy weekend for us so I'm hoping to get some stuff done tomorrow.

We, the husband & I, made a pretty big decision concerning our household. You'll be able to read about it tomorrow.. so I hope you all check back in.

Hope everyone has a great day! I'm happy to be in the 'ber' months!!

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