Thursday, September 25, 2014

I need a break.

I need a break. I need a vacation. 
This isn't a want anymore. I need to get away from this house, from this state of never ending paradise weather. I need to just go somewhere quiet and tranquil. To calm my nerves and fears. To save my sanity and prepare myself for the biggest fertility adventure yet. I need to pull up the southwest airlines website and click the first 'get away' option I can find. STAT. 

October is a big month for us. 
It stars off with the hubby's birthday this coming weekend. Then the roomies just seven short days later. To a combined birthday party for the both of them mid October. A house full of Sailors, a KEG, beer pong, poker and a cake (if I get my way). With that said I feel that in itself is enough to warrant a vacation - but we aren't stopping there.

With all the things checked off and scheduled we are ready. We are ready to start this invitro experience. Well ready or not we are starting this invitro experience. The hubby & I both start our doxycycline this coming weekend through the 7th. Then I'll stop the required birth control pills and the baby aspirin. {Which I'm excited about aspirin above all b/c it gives me nose bleeds.} On the 9th I have a baseline ultrasound. The 10th we have an injection class - required - and pay our IVF bill. Then on the 13th I have blood work that determines how much and what kind of hormones and artificial flavorings they inject in me for the next 8 - 13 days. *artificial isn't a typo* Then we met up at the ER on the 22nd - I'll go through a day surgery to retrieve my eggs and my hubby will get to watch porn and fill a cup. {Seems fair - yea?} After which I'll have to go home and do absolutely nothing for the next 48-62 hours in fear of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. While I go home my eggs will be combined with the hubbys batter and hopefully make a little seedling. The seedlings will be monitored and measured - poked and prodded - graded and analyzed. Then in 3-5 days after my surgery I get to have another ultrasound - see pictures of my healthy little seedlings and pick the top two to go in my uterus. Hopefully they find my uterus polyp free, enough square footage and just the right amount of amenities to want to hang out for the next 36-40 weeks. 

We also have halloween = which isn't that big for us but I wanna dress the doggies up this year. I'm also thinking about dressing up in my swimsuit and swim cap with goggles to hand out candy. Ha! I think it's funny. Anyway. I also have therapy - thank god - and I also have my daily routine. Hopefully Grizzly gets in for a check up because he is starting to really cough again and I have a hair appointment coming up too. 

Again I need a vacation. I have a plan in the works but if this falls through I'm renting a hotel room in AZ and staying there for a week. Well I'm not serious about the AZ hotel thing - but I do have a get away plan. Hopefully I'll be able to share that with  you guys once all the kinks are ironed out. As excited and nervous as I am with this upcoming invitro - I am blessed. I'm blessed to have the opportunity to go through with this expensive procedure. I'm blessed to have some pretty great friends who keep checking on my sanity me. I'm blessed to have some amazing family members who are really trying to help me unwind. All things considered .. I'm doing OK. Majorly stressed but OK. 

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