Monday, September 29, 2014

ready.. set...

If I am being honest then I'll start with this. I'm still in denial of the fact that we are about to go through invitro. It's surreal. I've said a thousand times that I never thought I'd take my fertility journey this far but here we are. The year wait is over and we are about to go through this whirl wind and that is also surreal. Every time I talk about it I feel as if someone else is sharing their story not me. I know nothing about this process. I have no idea what to expect or what to prepare myself for and that is scary for me. I've been so comfortable with Clomid, follistim injections and IUI's that it's just overwhelming to go into this blind.

We started our doxycycline yesterday. We take two pills a day - one in the am and one in the pm. So far he seems unphased and I'm having some serious bloating and nausea. My stomach feels like it is just doing cartwheels all day long. I posted questions in my fertility support group page today and found out this is normal. I also was told to start preparing to dust off yoga pants because the bloating isn't going to go away anytime soon. So to those who are about to start doxycycline for the first time for IVF here is some advice - even though the medicine says "do not take with food" for the love of god take it with food!!

Nothing really new starts for a couple more days. We take this med for ten days and then BAM we have a weeks worth of new stuff everyday. From an injection class, to sonograms, to blood work, to injections. It's a short time frame really. It just seems like a lot at the moment. I'm sure I'll look back on in this in Nov and wonder what I was so nervous about. I'm thankful that past this we wont have to do a retrieval again because we'll have frozen eggs. I'm praying that we never have to do this again and all our prayers and effort pays off. I look back and I'm amazed on that we have accomplished in a short year. This time last year I was re-cooperating after having surgery where I had the benign polyp removed - that I named Eddie. {Anybody else remember that? lol} It all seems so distant now.

Fertility stuff aside I'm getting a new hair do tomorrow and I'm still debating on what I'm going to actually do. My 'get away' I thought I was going to get isn't going to happen. One phone call took my seven consecutive days of free time down to four. I foresee a beach day or two in my immediate future.

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