Saturday, September 20, 2014

Scentsy party

I'm addicted to "Scentsy".

I love the company. I love the warmers. I love the wax. 
I recently went looking for a new "Scentsy" rep and met Erin. 
Erin is a Navy wife stationed here in CA & became a consultant to share her love of Scentsy.
After talking with Erin I decided to help her reach her October goal by setting up an 'online party'.

Why now?
Fall is approaching.
Christmas is around the corner.
If you are starting your holiday shopping, or just wanting to stock up on some home fragrances, - this is the place to start. I just ordered three bars of the "pumpkin roll" that I'm dying to put in my 'pumpkin' 2013 warmer. Scentsy has become a holiday staple for me. The warmers, lotions, car tins.. also make great birthday gifts too!

There is also this gem on the website called "Specials" then click on the "combine and save" tab. 
You can get a full size warmer and SIX bars (in six different fragrances) for $85!
Scentsy isn't all about warmers they also offer:
car tins or bags
Body washes and lotions
Laundry softner sheets 
Baby 'buddies'

So if you are interested in browsing all the goodies then please go here:
If you want to purchase something; please go the 'party' tab and look for my name {Amy Phillips}.
You can also follow Erin's Scentsy facebook page for all new holiday warmers and fragrances here:

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