Saturday, September 27, 2014

Shopping spree.

I went shopping. I made myself get up this morning drive to the pharmacy on base and then I hit up Starbucks with a couple of Navy wives. Which is always a nice treat.

I spent a bill at Victoria Secrets on their 2/49.95 bras and ended up with three these amazing new pretties. 1 bombshell in the pink/ivory and two t-shirt bra's in the Carnival Blue and Lavender Blue Plaid.  I'm addicted to their bras. I also got the black tote.

Aeropostale has always been one of my favorite stores. I stopped shopping there a couple of years ago due to my weight gain. I'm proud to say that I was able to score two pairs of size 12 jeans for $14 a piece!! What a special treat that was! I also got a free tumbler for my purchase.. how sweet.

Since I could wear Aero's jeans I got excited and decided to try American Eagle too. I walked away with two pairs their too. With the buy one get one 50% special.. I was happy to splurge on pricey jeans. After all it's nice to be able to wear "teen" jeans again.

I couldn't leave the mall without stopping at Bath n Body Works. I walked away with a three wick candle in "pumpkin apple". Man it smells like heaven.
I know it's not about spending the benjamin's to make a person happy - but it was a huge deal to me. Getting new Victoria Secret anything makes me happy - but to score four pairs of size 12 jeans.. made my whole weekend!! The house smells like heaven and Starbucks is always a mood lifter!

*not a paid post*

What did you do this weekend?

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