Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Columbus weekend.

How was everybody's weekend??

Friday my husband was home for the day. We took advantage of the day & finished my fabric shelf that I bought at a garage sale the Friday before. We worked together & got it all finished. Here is the shelf before I started working on it.

Below is the finished product.
I sanded it down.
Repainted it.
Linned the shelves with a liner to help the fabric not get caught on any splinters that would still be there. Plus it added a cute factor to the shelf.
I also added a backing to the shelf to add more durability to the shelf. It wobbled a lot before & I wanted to make sure it would stand the cats jumping on it.

After we put the shelf together I ran to my hair dresser so that she could retouch up my hair. The color keeps fading really fast. It lasted through two washes before I headed back to have it touched up. Hopefully it will last a little longer this time around because I really love this color. My hairdresser told me that red is the hardest color to keep and the hardest color to remove. Since it was blonde before it will take a couple of dyes before it sinks in. Fingers crossed.

Saturday morning I woke up to my phone going off asking me if I was watching THE bedlam game. University of Texas played Oklahoma University and it is THE game of the year. It was THE game when I lived in Oklahoma but now that I live in Cali I feel that I forget these things. I miss the simplicity and the friendliness of the South. I miss the excitement of college football games and getting together with friends and neighbors to watch a game. Although for us the game started at 9am it was a fun way to start the day off and share this with my husband. He witnessed the playful banter between friends over the teams and it was fun to watch him get into the game too.

After the UT and OU game my husband treated me to a pedicure. I bought a couple of nail polishes on Amazon a couple of weeks ago & I was excited to use one of them. My favorite polish was the OPI "Oktoberfest" and it's just as amazing on. We ended the day watching the Texas A&M game against Ole Miss. It was a fun day of college football and getting my toes done.

Sunday I woke up and was very nervous about the injections. I drank a cup of coffee on the front porch and just enjoyed the morning. At 10am my husband refilled my cup of coffee and surprised me by having my injection all ready. With menopur you have to empty a vile of liquid that looks like water and enter that liquid into another vile that has a white powder. You swish the liquid around and the powder dissolves. You take the syringe and empty the vile into it.. add a needle on the end and inject it. I was very smitten with the fact that he paid attention in injection class and had it ready for me. A couple hours after the injection of menopur I started to get really bad cramps. My hubby had duty so I got to wrestle these cramps by myself - thankfully.

 Before my husband left for watch he provided me with a handful of junk food to hold me over and it was really sweet. At 6pm I took my shot of follistim. Follistim comes in a injection pen that is super easy to use. I just tune the bottom of the pen to the dosage I'm supposed to take and inject it. I didn't have any issues with the follistim but I was feeling really bloated so I drank two cups of peppermint tea and went to bed.

Today I woke up and made breakfast. For the first time in my adult life I burnt bacon. I mean I burnt the bacon. On pinterest I found this pin about using your oven to make bacon. I love it! That's how I have made bacon for the past two years now. The problem was - I usually buy the THICK bacon & I bought just regular bacon on my last grocery trip. I shouldn't have left it in as long but I'm used to the THICK bacon. My sweet husband & my roomie cleaned the kitchen for me.. loaded the dishwasher.. wiped down the counters. I was very proud of them. I took my injection of menopur and we started our day with cleaning out our garage. It looks like it did when we moved it.. all the cob webs are gone, the floors are cleaned, the doors are wiped down and the dishwasher/dryer are spotless. After the garage got really cleaned we set down to talk about the upcoming party this weekend. I got my grocery list all together and left to go to the commissary. As I was leaving a friend showed up and I found out that it was closing at 4pm.

I made it to the store down the street - after stopping at Starbucks - and came back home to make a big batch of potato soup. After eating a big bowl of potato soup I feel asleep while the boys watched the 49ers game. My hubby woke me up to take my shot & I went back to sleep. My stomach is really hurting and it's hard to fall alseep.

Tomorrow I have to be up early so that I can go get bloodwork done & after that I need to run to the commissary. I have a busy week ahead of me. I'll share more about that on another post because lord knows this is long enough.

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