Sunday, October 26, 2014

day before Embryo Transfer

I've been updating my IVF journey on the blog & on instagram. I keep sharing thsi stuff for myself later, and for others to hopefully feel more comfortable about IVF. I was so apprehensive to try IVF myself so I feel it's important to share my story.
So we are on day 4.
Yesterday and today we got great news that everything is developing correctly. We have a single embryo that is really developing and the Dr has named it the "over achiever". I have been very thrilled to hear daily updates and it's made the process so amazing! These are things that we would never know or see with having a 'bedroom' baby.
Our Dr has talked to us about only using the 'over achiever' for our embryo transfer. I've decided to go ahead with two embryo's and not just use one. The reason is.. I have this *feeling* that the over achiever is too good. I know it sounds weird and silly. I'd rather use two and take my chances with a multiple pregnancy then to put all my chips in one basket.  So i want to use two and then we will freeze the remaining five.
Since we are also transfering on day 5 - we have a shorter wait period to find out if it worked. The process from here is that the embryo "cryo blast" should hatch from the egg and burrow into the uterine lining. From that point should take a couple of days for the HCG surge to go through the body.  We should be able to take a pregnancy test on the 7th of Nov. I want to wait a little while to announce a pregnancy - well at least wait until the 8 week mark.
This should be a quick procedure tomorrow. I should be back up and doing my normal routine Tuesday. Thank you all for following us along. It's important that I documented this journey no matter what happens.  It's been a great experience and I'm really happy we decided to go down this path.

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