Thursday, October 23, 2014

half a dozen

We got our first update on our babies.
Yesterday we retrieved 12 eggs and today we found out that we have 6 fertilized embryo's.
As the days go by they should continue to split. Tomorrow our babies should look like little clovers. Saturday they should look like a 8 celled flower. Ok lets tone it down a little and take this day by day. Today our little eggies look like this {this is NOT one of our actual eggs}:

We did find out that our embryo transfer will be on Monday. Until then I'm taking progesterone injections once a day, doxycycline {again}, and another antibiotic.
I'm feeling good. The retrieval made me feel like I have heavy cramping which is where the percocet has come into play. My plan tomorrow is try and take ibuprofen instead of the percocet.

I'm not going to lie and I say I didn't tear up when I found out we lost six eggs. I will say that according the Dr that this is a normal process. Although he couldn't give me a apx % of how many would survive the remaining journey before embryo transfer. I will say that I have said more prayers in the past week then I have my whole life.

I also know to people these are just cells. To me - these are our babies. I wish I could be there in the lab watching over them. Praying for them. Whispering how much I already love them. I wish I could send them my energy and think I have given them a will to keep growing. I know it sounds silly.
Hopefully tomorrow we are still working with a healthy half dozen.

Please keep praying for our babies. I can't wait to inform you all on our healthy six tomorrow.


  1. Crossing all of my fingers and toes.

  2. I know it is hard losing embryos. We lost so many. Unfortunately, it is part of the process. But I'm hoping your six all keep growing and dividing. Good luck with your transfer on Monday!!!

    1. Thank you Jessah. I'm glad someone else can relate! I have a great update coming. <3. Amy