Wednesday, October 15, 2014

level scare

A couple of things in this quick post. First lets get through the fertility stuff.

Yesterday I had blood work done so they could check my estrogen levels. The Dr called to say that my levels were really high. So I learned that my levels are supposed to be between 200-300 right now and they were 325. Levels above 300 can be a sign of OHSS - which is really scary. I felt really positive about it though and made an appointment for a sonogram this morning.

This morning I went to get more blood work drawn & had my sonogram. I haven't gotten my levels back today for this mornings blood work but the sonogram went really well. The Dr said that sometimes a 'egg' gets away from the flock and does it's own thing. That doesn't seem to be the case and everything is going great. I have another sonogram on Friday morning and I should be able to start "gonadotropin" that evening.  Which means that we are still on track for our retrieval to be next week.

We bought our "Stagecoach" tickets for next April yesterday!! I'm super excited that we are going! Such an amazing line up and I'm NOT missing a chance to see Dierks Bentley - pregnant or not! Tickets are still on sale if you are wanting to go too - just go to {Let me know if you are going too!!} And here is the lineup for next year that stagecoach released early this month:

And lastly. I have a online Scentsy party going on for two more days! If you are wanting to order please do so before the 17th of October. You can order from any location so don't be shy ordering from Ohio or Texas. You can go too here facebook Scentsy page to check out any sales going on or go directly to her Scentsy page. Please just look for the party under "Amy" to place your order. Please let me know if you order so I can thank you for helping Erin out.

That's all I got for everyone today. I'd love to hear from you so please feel free to leave me a comment! You can also follow me through my facebook blog page & through my instagram account. I'd love to hear from you!

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