Thursday, October 23, 2014

our egg retrieval

Yesterday we had our Egg Retrieval.  If you follow me on instagram or facebook then you have already heard that everything went great! Just stopping in to make a quick update post for those following us along. 

Everything went really smoothly and they were able to retrieve 12 eggs! I was being rolled out of the operating room when they were telling my husband. I must of snapped out of the anesthesia as they rolled me to recovery because when I heard that I started to cry. I kept repeating "12?" and my Dr started to laugh. The nurse was worried I was going to scratch my face with my IV so she held my hand all the way to recovery. As we got into recovery our Dr gave us a list of things we have to do before the Embryo transfer. 

We got to the hospital around 9:15 and went back for the retrieval around 10:30. We went back to recovery around 12:30 it took us a little longer then expected to go home. We waited almost two hours.  The only thing I wanted after we left the hospital was Jack n Box. I'm not sure when my love for Jack happened but it hit the spot. 

So now comes the hardest part .. staying still for the next 48 hours. I feel fine. I'm in pain but it just feels like the worst cramps ever. Not too bad. I can say that I'm beyond excited that they were able to get 12 eggs. Now we wait to see how many of the eggs become fertilized and can survive all they way to the embryo transfer. I'm hoping we'll get an update sometime today or tomorrow on how our little ones are doing.