Monday, October 20, 2014

we made a wish

we made a wish

the last time I wrote I talked about a level scare and since then it has been a winding road. I started with 22 eggs and as we continued I lost 14. The drop was due to the fluctuation in the meds because my Dr was scared when my levels got slightly high - which I wrote about in my last post. My Dr upped my meds back to what they were and we started to see some egg growth. When I went in for a sonogram on Friday we had four eggs and my Dr explained that if we didn't get more then four mature eggs then we would have to stop. We'd stop the meds and start them all over to get at least four mature eggs to move forward with. On Sunday I went in for another sonogram to find that I had 1 mature egg, two semi mature and about 6 smaller ones. He didn't seem really hopeful that we would be moving forward.

I'm not going to lie I went home and cried. It was the most devastating thing to hear but I also understood the process. I went to bed Sunday night and prayed. I prayed that if we were meant to do this then we would have the eggs we needed. I prayed that God would give me peace & understanding of the situation. I prayed for comfort and guidance on moving forward. I prayed that the medicine I have/had been injecting myself with would work - if this was our cycle.
Today I went in for our final sonogram. It was a late sonogram - which was good because it gave me time to pray again, talk to my Mom & brother. I found peace in the thought of having to start the injections all over.

I showed up early and was really nervous about what we were going to find and disguise. I had written a couple of questions down to ask the Dr as well. I cant' explain how amazed and speechless I was when our sonogram showed 7 mature eggs. 7! We went from one mature egg to seven in less then 24 hours. The number is lower then what my husband & I wanted but it was a blessing to hear that we had 7. My Dr felt very confident that we should move forward and scheduled our egg retrieval for Wednesday the 22nd.  My Dr also felt that taking another dosage of the injections would hopefully get us a couple more eggs and our number would be greater then 7. Tonight I took my set of injections and in a hour I'll take my 'trigger' shot. The trigger shot will slow down ovulation and give us time to get in for our retrieval.

What happens from here is that I wont have to take any medication tomorrow {yay!} Wednesday we will wake up and head to the hospital for our retrieval. The eggs & sperm will be mixed together and monitored. They will be looking for fertilization and embryo growth. I'll be sent home with strict bed rest orders for at least 48hrs. The embryo's will be graded by their growth & we will be updated daily on their growth. We are aware that we could lose some of the eggs due too not fertilizing or not make it through the 'blast' stage. Three - Five days later we will take the best two fertilized embryo's and do a 'embryo transfer'. I'll have a week of staying off my feet as much as possible to allow my body to heal in time for the transfer. Then the next couple of days of rest is to help the embryo's get comfortable so it will stay.

Our journey is almost complete. We will be 75% of the way after the embryo transfer then we'll have another 10-12 days before we take a blood pregnancy test. It all seems so far away but it will go so fast. So as I'm thankful that this is almost over, blessed on the results that we have gotten and ready to see a positive pregnancy test. So here is to making a wish and praying it comes true. Thank you all for your support and following along. Hopefully we have some good news to share with everyone in Dec. I want to make sure to get past 8 weeks before we share if we are pregnant or not since I've had a hard time caring past that 8 weeks. Again Thank you all for following along & I appreciate all the prayers.


  1. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow and hoping for a smooth retrieval! Hoping this is it for you Amy.