Sunday, October 5, 2014

What a great week.

This is been a very crazy and full week!

Monday I recovered from the weekend by getting as many chores done as possible. Which is very relaxing in many ways for me. Knowing that I start off my week with a clean and functional house is important to me.  I got an Amazon package on Monday which I'm excited to share with you guys. My dear friend M talked me into buying a couple of sets of false eyelashes. I couldn't wait to try and put them on Monday after they arrived. I took some funny pics but here are just two..

I think they are a little too long & I need to trim them down just a little. They feel weird and it's hard to get them to stay on all day long. I think with more practice they will be awesome for a night out or a special event but I couldn't see myself wearing them everyday. 

On Tuesday I went and got my hair done. I was very skeptical when I first arrived. I asked a whole bunch of questions and showed off pinterest pictures that I had marked. After a brief conversation we decided on a hair color and I went with it.

I personally love the color change. It has faded a lot, which is disappointing, but I love it. I've only washed it once to try to help keep the color. It looked like I was washing blood from my hair! I have heard that red fades really quickly but I'm glad I took the plunge and tried it out. I will be redoing this color again & again! 

The rest of the week I have worked on my 'sewing room'. I should say craft room because it's a combination on Scentsy bars and warmers, fabric, and other crafty odds and ends. I did manage to sneak away and pick up some fabric from our local JOAnne's before ordering a whole bunch more off of I know a lot of people who are expecting a baby in March & May of 2015 so I stocked up fabric for both genders. I have a total of five unfinished blankets & I'm praying my own working space will help me complete all of them. 

This wooden gem came with a big brother of a wooden gem for $15! Garage sales are amazing sauce! I was talking to the hubby about making me a couple of these cubby boxes to store fabric in & I just happen to see them in a sale. I was so excited! The bigger one needs some TLC and once I get the room all squared away and set up I'll post more pics.

I think I need a couple of floating shelves and a three drawer plastic storage tote. Then I will have the most awesome craft room in town! I'm also thinking about painting the room but that will come much later.

We ended up Friday night at Outback Steakhouse to celebrate the roomies birthday. It was a fun treat and it was nice to stuff our faces with good food. Who doesn't love Outback?! Then we ended up back the house so the roomie could open a couple presents a little early because I couldn't wait until Sunday!

To end the week my husbands command volunteered to work booths at the Mirmar Air Show. We had the 'twilight' shift on Saturday. We worked a Nacho stand that also served hotdogs. It's always a fun experience to work these shows and have a little fun. I got to talk to a lot of cool people and I loved the kids reaction to the planes flying overhead. My favorite part was meeting four guys from Germany who were at the show! They were so excited and in awe of how big the air show was. They were so taken back by all the planes that we had to show off and the show itself. It was so amazing meeting some young men in the German military.

All in all it was an amazing week! From false lashes, to a new hair color, to getting my craft room set up, then topping it with an air show and celebrating our roomies birthday! It was nice to take a break from all the stress and have great things fall together. Next week starts our whirlwind of adventures with Invitro! I'm excited and hoping to be able to use the craft room to get through some of these jitters!

I hope everyone had a great week & I can't wait to see what fun you all had over the weekend! Leave me your blog url in the comments & I'll go check it out!! Thanks for stopping by!


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    1. Thank you. It has faded a lot where I had the blonde but my hair lady is awesome enough to touch it up for me tomorrow. I'm in love with it - I may never change the color again.