Monday, November 3, 2014

getting excited.

It's been a couple of days since my last update and there isn't a lot of change. We have a couple more days until we take our blood test but it's very promising. After taking two pregnancy tests I'm super excited for Friday.

With this journey I've been googling foods to eat & drink. What to avoid and what to stock up on. I have learned that while Green Tea is amazing for infertility and conception - it's horrible for pregnancy. Aside from the caffeine it and says "that you should avoid Green tea in early pregnancy because if blocks your ability to absorb folic acid." Scary right? I mean who realizes they are pregnant within the 3-5 weeks if you aren't in 'infertility'??! Still want to drink a warm cup of tea? What are some good teas to drink during early pregnancy? Here are two really great options according to Roobio's Tea, Ginger Tea and Chamomile. Nettle Tea and Red Raspberry Tea is also great for you during your second and third trimester. Feel free to look up your own information considering the teas to drink during your pregnancy.

I've been also trying to eat a lot of different foods. My personal favorite right now is hot oatmeal for breakfast. Non fat milk, orange juice, and water. Fruits like banana's and apples. Broccoli & lean meats are really important too. I have also found that chili sounds great but seriously is not a great idea. I'm still learning. It's so easy to gravitate towards chips and queso.

Of all the things I've tried to do this past couple of weeks is drink a cup of coffee. Now you may think that because I'm a huge coffee drinker that just drinking one cup is hard for me. NOPE. I can't seem to drink a cup of coffee - I lost the taste for it. Which is a good thing considering I'm trying to cut my caffeine intake anyway.

What are some things you love(d) to eat while you were pregnant? Some favorite drinks you can suggest? Many a website with great food ideas?
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