Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!!

While we are also celebrating starting our 12th week of pregnancy.. 

I hope you all stay safe & warm this New Years Eve! 
Hoping 2015 brings you all a ton of blessings!! 
Welcome 2015!!!

Monday, December 29, 2014

11w 5d

I hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas! Now it's time to ring in the New Year! The holiday months go by so quickly that it's hard to soak it all in at times. I'm really sad that it's already time to take down the tree and the decorations. Even though we bought a new tree for next year, it's just sad that it all has come to a end.
I'm not doing new year resolutions this time. I feel like every time I list the changes I want to make aloud they never happen. SO I'm keeping them quiet this year. Plus I only have three personal things I want to see happen in 2015 because everything is centered around our bundle of joy!
Next weekend the plan is to get our registry's done. I'm not really sure why we are doing a registry other then it will keep us focused on what we have purchased and still need to purchase. I'm not really counting on outside help to get this stuff. Since my husband is also dead set on not finding out gender - creating a neutral nursery and purchasing neutral clothing has been a beast. I'm leaning more towards boy stuff because it's easier to put a girl in blue then a boy in pink - not that I personally care. It's also been really hard explaining to people that I'm honoring my husbands wishes and not finding out gender. In other words I'm not going to cheat and ask my Dr when he's not around. I'll have to wait and be surprised just like he wants to be.

So far everything with the pregnancy has gone great!
We have already have our first OB appointment.
We got the baby registered and received a TON of information packets from the hospital. SO much information to go through and the support options are amazing!!
We are currently 11w & 5d.
I swear I can feel the baby moving around from time to time.
I'm starting to get some of my energy back & get more things accomplished.
We started walking around our neighborhood in the evenings & I'm always shocked on how out of breath I get.
I'm excited that we are almost done with the first trimester!!
I'm also taking advantage of 'nap' time because I know that will end after the baby is born.
I also believe that you can start to see a baby bump so that's exciting. I'm sure it will be a while before I start to look pregnant instead of overweight.. but that's okay.

Everything seems to be moving fast & it's hard to slow it down and just soak it in. We are super excited and ready to start this new journey. With open arms we welcome 2015!!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year!!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Next Christmas

This is our last Christmas as just husband & wife. Next Christmas we will be Daddy & Momma. It's a little crazy thinking about it that way. We'll have a six month old and it will be so much fun to fill stockings and play Santa!
Christmas has taken a back seat with us this year just because we know it's a our last 'slow' Christmas. We know that after this year it will never be the same.. it will be better! So while we have trimmed the tree.. that's about it. The husband made me promise that I would take it easy. It's driving me nuts because I LOVE decorating for Christmas.
I'm excited for the new year. All the changes that are happening. All those exciting moments I have been waiting for are now coming to pass. It's just all happening so fast.
I'm anxious to set up our nursery in Feb/March and I'm super excited for a summer pregnancy. Face it maternity clothes are expensive and annoying. I'm so thankful that right now I can still wear a couple pairs of jeans and get away with yoga pants. I just think summer clothes for clothing a bump is way easier.

Well that's all i got for now. We have another Dr's appointment on the 19th so hopefully it comes with a ultrasound too. Try to get more updates in before we are completely out of our first trimester.
Hope everyone is having a great Christmas season and enjoying the fun stuff we get to do as parents.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

9 weeks

I can't believe we are already at 9 weeks!! This pregnancy is just developing so quickly.
Today we said goodbye to our friends and Dr's in the infertility center. I wasn't prepared to say goodbye. Honestly I thought I'd stay with them through my first trimester. I cried when I got to my SUV because of the relationships we have created with the nurses and doctors. It's a triumph to say the least.

My little "green olive" is developing perfectly! S/he was flipping around during the ultrasound and it was so adorable! The heart beat was incredibly strong at 178; which is also a huge triumph! We also got our first two 3D ultrasound pictures which is amazing!!

In just a couple of weeks we will have sailed through our first trimester and it all seems to be going so fast! We have the nursery decor all picked out. We've picked out the furniture and the other baby essentials - well the big stuff anyway. It feels like I have waited a lifetime for this moment and it's all going so fast!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

7 weeks 5 days

We are a couple days away from being 8 weeks pregnant! It's just so surreal to keep saying that I am pregnant. I'm very happy that I haven't experienced morning sickness. I'm very tired and I have been taking extra folic acid to help with energy levels. I'm also taking progesterone injections so that makes me tired too but the folic acid helps!! We have already had our first ultrasound and we will going to our second pretty soon. I'm excited but again it's so surreal!!

It's funny because I thought the moment that I found out I was pregnant I would break down in happy tears. That didn't happen. I thought when I started telling people I was pregnant I would get emotional - but that didn't happen either. I also thought that our first ultrasound would be so emotional especially hearing the babies heart beat. My husband cried but I just smiled. The hubby & I bought our first two boxes of diapers this weekend and putting them in the cart I just busted out in tears. "We are buying diapers for our baby!"  I guess it just hits us all in different ways.

Nothing really to really report here. I'm super glad that I'm not hugging a toilet all day & I'm super glad that the folic acid. The husband really wants to keep the gender a secret until birth - meaning he doesn't want us to find out at all. It's really hard finding a gender neutral nursery design that I like so I think I'm going to have to be really creative.  I'm also getting to the pint where it's hard to button my pants. So I'm hoping to get the go ahead to go back to the gym because I feel it's a little early for maternity clothes.. but then again what do I know.

I'm going to really try to update the blog more frequently. Next week after our ultrasound I'll be sure to update more.