Tuesday, December 2, 2014

7 weeks 5 days

We are a couple days away from being 8 weeks pregnant! It's just so surreal to keep saying that I am pregnant. I'm very happy that I haven't experienced morning sickness. I'm very tired and I have been taking extra folic acid to help with energy levels. I'm also taking progesterone injections so that makes me tired too but the folic acid helps!! We have already had our first ultrasound and we will going to our second pretty soon. I'm excited but again it's so surreal!!

It's funny because I thought the moment that I found out I was pregnant I would break down in happy tears. That didn't happen. I thought when I started telling people I was pregnant I would get emotional - but that didn't happen either. I also thought that our first ultrasound would be so emotional especially hearing the babies heart beat. My husband cried but I just smiled. The hubby & I bought our first two boxes of diapers this weekend and putting them in the cart I just busted out in tears. "We are buying diapers for our baby!"  I guess it just hits us all in different ways.

Nothing really to really report here. I'm super glad that I'm not hugging a toilet all day & I'm super glad that the folic acid. The husband really wants to keep the gender a secret until birth - meaning he doesn't want us to find out at all. It's really hard finding a gender neutral nursery design that I like so I think I'm going to have to be really creative.  I'm also getting to the pint where it's hard to button my pants. So I'm hoping to get the go ahead to go back to the gym because I feel it's a little early for maternity clothes.. but then again what do I know.

I'm going to really try to update the blog more frequently. Next week after our ultrasound I'll be sure to update more.

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